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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Feminization quickie: Changed forever

A wife's feminization of her husband has an unexpected turn
But will she regret it?
Feminized for lifeAndy made the last finishing touches to his make up, smoothed down his skirt and took a deep breath as he checked his reflection in the mirror. Everything looked fine, from his white heels to his matching skirt and blouse. He went downstairs to the living room and waited nervously until he heard his wife's key turning in the front door lock...
As Patty came in through the door she was thinking about the appointment she had to arranged with her hair stylist for the next day and she was surprised to see a smartly dressed woman smiling at her from the living room. A moment later she realized it was her husband Andy.
"Andy!" she shrieked, "what are you doing?"
But she could see exactly what he was doing. He was dressed as a woman. He was wearing her white knee-length skirt, her white blouse and she could just make out one her white lacy bras underneath. White silk stockings and heels finished the look.
"We need to talk," Andy said, "it's all to do with Halloween."
The weekend before the couple had gone to a Halloween party and Patty had suggested that Andy go as a girly-girl. At first he had been against the idea but she talked him into and they spent the weekend getting him ready in a short pink outfit with matching stockings and heels. By the time she had finished with him her husband looked like an adorable young woman and he had been a big hit at the party.
But for Andy, as his wife feminized him, something had changed. He noticed how good his legs and arms felt to be smooth and hairless. When he pulled on the soft pink cotton panties that Patty gave him to wear it struck a note deep inside him. As he fastened the bra across his chest he began to feel a connection to his feminine side. The pink blouse and flouncy miniskirt felt light and comfortable in way that his clothes never did. He loved the click of his heels as they had walked to the car and at the party all the women had crowded around him, not to tease him, but rather to compliment him on how he looked. By the end of the evening Andy felt a glow inside that he had never known before. He almost cried when they returned home and had to take off the pretty clothes he was wearing.
Feminized for lifeAll this Andy explained to Patty as she listened in silence no knowing what to say.
"All week long I have questioned the way I felt but there was only one answer that made sense," Andy said. " I want to live as a woman, I want to be one of the girls."
For a long while Patty could only stare at her husband in shock but slowly she began to see how sincere he was. Finally she hugged him and felt his whole body shudder with relief.
"Well, we'll have to make some changes around her if you are going to be a girl," she said. "For a start we'll call you Andrea and I suppose I had better book you session at the hair salon too."
Andy nearly cried with joy and got up to fetch Patty the phone.
"Oh and Andrea," Patty said with a mischievous smile on her face. "I don't mind you borrowing my things but we will have to get you some more lingerie too or there won't be enough to go around."


Robyn P said...

I often wonder how many husbands come out to their wives on or right after Holloween?

Marie-Christine said...

Very nice story. Really cute pictures of 'Andy'!

Marie-Christine said...

I like to read this story again and again and watch those cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, I came out to my wife, but not because of Halloween, I always wanted to dress up since i was 12, and now there is no going back, I tried but the feeling is so much stronger,, it's in my blood, male to female, weather I like it or not.

Tammy said...

I would love to wear that skirt and top and take hornmones to look good like her