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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Forced feminization for Halloween

Feminizing costumes are the most fun
Jimmy should have chosen something else for Phoebe to wear
Halloween was fast approaching and Phoebe promised her boyfriend Jimmy that he could come to the party she was throwing at her place. Jimmy suggested that he be allowed to choose her costume and Phoebe agreed. She surprised Jimmy by being thrilled when he came home with a sexy maid's costume.
Phoebe asked that Jimmy come over on Friday night to help her set up the party for Saturday night. Jimmy had decided on a vampire costume for himself but they both knew that it was Phoebe's maid outfit that would be the star of the evening. Jimmy kept pestering Phoebe to try on the costume but she would only say "wait and see". After dinner they went over the guest list and Jimmy was delighted to see that only Phoebe's female friends were invited. This promised to be a night to remember.
The following morning Phoebe even offered to give him a back-rub and there was no way he was going to refuse that.
As she rubbed his back Phoebe spoke to him in a soft voice, relaxing him and bringing into a state of deep hypnosis. Before long Jimmy was entirely under her control and she quickly got to work.
Later that night her guests began to arrive and were delighted to be greeted at the door by a sexy young maid wearing a uniform that barely reached to top of her thighs.
It took most of them several minutes to figure out that 'Gemma the Maid' was in fact Jimmy the Boyfriend.
Phoebe explained that once she had hypnotized Jimmy she had spent the afternoon force feminizing him to be a perfect maid.
"You mean he has no idea that he is dressed as a maid," asked Judy, who had come to the party dressed as a dominatrix.
"None at all for now," Phoebe said. "He even thinks he is a girl."
Jimmy, or rather Gemma certainly behaved like a girl. He couldn't stop giggling and was very willing to serve the girls.
The girls made the most of their maid throughout the evening and had 'Gemma' running to kitchen to bring them food and drink as they celebrated. They photographed him performing his duties and he always seemed very eager to please. They had the most fun asking him to pick things up that they had 'dropped' because each time he bent over he exposed his bottom and the black silk frilly thong panty that Phoebe had given him to wear. Each time he bent over the girls gave a loud cheer and 'Gemma' would blush bright red and try to cover himself up.
Towards the end of the evening Suzy, dressed as a sexy pirate wanted to know what would happen when Phoebe woke Jimmy up.
"Well," said Phoebe with a grin. "Let's find out right now!'
As the girls gathered around in a circle she snapped her fingers three times and commanded: "Gemma, you are now Jimmy again!"
Jimmy felt himself waking up and was puzzled to find himself standing surrounded by a gang of women in sexy Halloween costumes all laughing hysterically at him. A moment later he looked down and saw the way he was dressed...

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nbanyk20 said...

I love it I want this to happen to me