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Friday, October 23, 2009

TG caption quickie: A big improvement in his image

Martin had no idea how far his sister would go in improving his image
Martin has asked his sister to help him develop a new look. He knew she was an accomplished witch and would be able to make some dramatic changes. His sister Lynn was more than happy to help but Martin was less than pleased with the results.
"Come on Lynn, change me back," Martin pleaded from his sister as she rolled around on the couch laughing herself silly.
A few moments ago he had been wearing shorts and a T-shirt now he when he looked in the mirror he saw a gorgeous brunette with a perfect figure and beautiful long legs. He was wearing a semi-sleevless black top, a short tight figure-hugging purple miniskirt and black pumps. Underneath he could feel a satin bra against his chest and what felt like a pair of tanga panties. He didn't dare admit that though he looked stunning and actual liked the way his body felt now and the way his clothes moved with his body. However, he had no intention of staying that way although Lynn didn't seem to be in a hurry to turn him back.
"Lynn, I don't want to be a stupid girl I want to be a boy!" he wailed.
Martin saw his sister's eyes flash.
"And what's wrong with being a girl? If you prefer I'll just turn you into a toad. Or perhaps a newt, that would suit you better."
Lynn moved towards him with a menacing look in her eyes.
"No, that's fine, thank you. This is nice, I mean thank you, of course it is a pleasure to be a girl. But can I please have my old body back now?"
"You don't really think I would waste my feminine powers on improving a boy do you," Lynn scoffed. "These powers are for girls only. Anyway, I think you look much better like that although you mustn't scowl like that. It's very unladylike."


Anonymous said...

I dont see how any guy would not like being a girl.

Once a guy trys on a skirt..for most its a lifetime

ThatGirl03 said...

I agree it is

Anonymous said...

yes why would he ever want to change back to a guy?

Sissy Pam said...

When I see a beautiful women i dont think that I would like to "do" her but rather that I would like to be her. To wear her panties, bra, stockings,skirt and blouse. There is nothing better!

Anonymous said...

Where's the image from