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Monday, October 19, 2009

A pretty boy is force feminized to entertain the girls

When Ian woke up to find his girlfriend had made arrangements for the evening's fun
Pretty boy forced feminizedIan woke up when the light turned on. He looked around him as he tried to focus his eyes. He was in a basement with bare walls although there was a carpet on the floor.
"Wake up pretty boy," said a familiar voice from above him. He looked up at the stairs leading to the basement door and got a shock that woke him up.
Hannah, his girlfriend was standing at the top of the stairs. However, it was what she was wearing that had distracted him from his own attire. Hannah usually wore jeans and a T-shirt but now she was wearing a sexy corset, black stockings and suspenders, high heels, and sexy satin elbow length gloves. Her blonde hair was blown out and as she stood provocatively looking down at him she looked like the sexiest woman he had ever seen.
"Hannah, what's going on?," he asked barely able to take his eyes off her legs to look her in the face.
"We've been waiting for you to wake up Pretty Boy," Hannah said. "Come on, the girls are waiting for you."
"The girls?" Ian asked. "What girls?"
From behind Hannah Ian could hear the sound of many girls voices laughing and joking as music played.
"The girls. We are at Betsy's house for a little girl-only fun and you are the main event," she said
His mind went back to earlier in the day when Hannah had said she was going to spend the evening with the girls. She had seemed very coy about something and offered to bring him a beer. That was the last he remembered.
"That beer I gave you had a little something in it to help you relax," Hannah said with a smirk. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and her hips swayed seductively as she did it.
"The girls have been teasing me about what a sissy you are and how much better you would look as a woman so we decided to try it out for real. While you were out, we feminized you and fixed you up in that delightful outfit you have on now."

Pretty boy forced feminizedWith a jolt Ian realized that he was wearing a long white gown that was so thin it did nothing to hide the tiny thong panty he was wearing underneath. He had heels on his feet and blonde wig was fastened to his head. He could feel the make-up on his face and his entire body was smooth and hairless. A pair of latex breasts were fastened to his chest with glue to complete the look.
"What have you done to me?" he asked in a panicked voice.
"Oh come on, you look delighful," Hannah purred and despite himself Ian felt himself giving in to her voice. "The girls are waiting to meet you, come on up Pretty Boy."
Ian backed into the corner tottering slightly on his heels
"You must be joking. I'm not going anywhere like this," he said.
"Either you come up right now or some of the girls will come down there and fetch you themselves," Hannah responded with an evil smile."
Ian knew just how wild and lively Hannah's friends could be and knew he would be no match for them.
"Where's our little sissy boy?" shouted a voice from outside the basement and a chorus of girls' voices gave a huge cheer in response.
Hannah gave Ian a knowing look and Ian knew he had no choice. Slowly he began to climb the stairs to meet his fate at the hands of the girls.


ThatGirl03 said...

Wonderful I'd love to have this happen to me

Sissy Maid Tiffany said...

I agree with the above poster.

Anonymous said...

Me too it looks exiting

Anonymous said...

never going to happen to me thats a good thing.

Anonymous said...

my petite boy friend is so weak
he needs to be a girl
he is 61 So i dress him up a lot to take shopping with me

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind being feminized myself. I love wearing pretty dresses and panties. I also love wearing highheels and walking like a pretty lady. I wouldn't mind being a pretty lady infront of other ladies. We could have a ladies night out.

Maryanne said...

That is a really a great story. Too bad it's not for real!
Too bad it's not me,I would jump at the chance to join

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a woman dress me up like another woman. I'm one who loves wearing dresses slips panties bras pantyhose and highheels. I love to walk like a lady with highheels on. So if woman wanted to put a pretty dress on me I would feel so femine pretty and prould. I wish I had a woman to dress me up in womens clothes.

Anonymous said...

I'm one who loves wearing womens clothing. I love to wear those pretty dresses along with the panties slips bras pantyhose and highheels. So if I had a woman put a pretty dress on me I would feel very femine pretty and proud. I enjoy walking like a woman with my highheels on. Sometimes I even wiggle a little bit. I have a femine side to me. I feel like a woman

Anonymous said...

Would love it happened to me.. I already dress myself daily

Anonymous said...

I would love to be dressed up by a girl and show myself off. I love wearing panty thongs, bras, skirts, and walking in heels. It would be a blast.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got one of those beers?