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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Ladies Finishing school

Nadia sends Harry to learn some manners at school
Forced feminization at the finishing schoolNadia was fed up with her boyfriend Harry's unruly behavior and then she saw an ad in the paper that a 'finishing school for young ladies' was now taking boys as well. Harry was all for it because he though spending all day with a bunch of girls would be a lot of fun.
So the next day Nadia packed him off to school. When she came to collect him at the end of the day she couldn't believe her eyes.
At first Nadia couldn't find Harry among all the pretty girls waiting to be collected. One by one the girls left until there was only one left. As soon their eyes met Nadia knew it was Harry, but what a change! For a start was wearing what appeared to be a uniform only it was a skirt. His smooth legs had lacy socks on the end of them and on his feet were open toed heeled sandals. But it was the way Harry was standing that shocked her the most. Rather than the arrogant man she had left that morning, Harry was now a simpering little girl.
Before she could say anything Harry skipped over.
"Hello Aunty Nadia, thank you for collecting me," he said as he climbed into the car.
"Harry, what have they done to you?" she asked.
"Firstly, my teacher Miss Donna says that my name is 'Harriet' from now on," Harry said as he played with is long blonde hair.
"Er, okay," Nadia said trying not to laugh and wondering if was all a joke. "What did you do today?"
"Well," Harriet said is a very girly voice. "I don't remember the morning to well but I woke on a bed with earphones on a nice lady's voice telling me to wake up. When I got up I was wearing only a training bra and my panties but there was this uniform by the bed so I put it on. Then Miss Donna came and took me to class with all the other girls."
"I see," Nadia said and making a mental note to read the small print of the schools brochure when she got home.
"Yes, Miss Donna introduced me as a 'special girl' and all the girls were very sweet and they told us we have to wear our uniforms everyday now for school and we will learn all about being polite and how to put on our make up and how to sit at the table like a lady and, and, and, lots of nice things," Harriet enthused.
"Well, you seem very happy," Nadia laughed, "but I think we may have to get you some more clothes to wear for after school too. I suspect you won't like your old clothes any more..."

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Marie-Christine said...

Very nice idea. May I attend this school too, please?