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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Forced feminized for the New Year

Kevin's New Year will be one to remember
Force feminized in a hotel lobbyKevin slowly drifted awake. His head was pounding and he still felt dizzy. It was too much to open his eyes but he tried to remember what had happened. It had been New Year's Eve, he had gone to a popular bar looking for women and he had found them. A whole group of women in town for a women's business convention. He worked his charm and soon had their undivided attention. As the drinks flowed so did his inhibitions and that was the last he remembered.
He tried to open his eyes and his head rang with pain. Kevin groaned, and he heard a giggle from somewhere near him. Then there were some feminine whispers and a something flashed, probably a camera. There were more flashes and some more giggling. He pried open his eyes and found himself in the lobby of an unfamiliar hotel. The group of women from the bar were standing all around him taking pictures. Kevin licked his lips and they tasted funny, as though they were covered in lipstick. He looked down for a moment he thought he was still dreaming. He was wearing nothing but a black bra and lace panties and stockings and heels. He brought his hand up to rub his head and found he was wearing a blonde wig. There was something tied around his neck too; it seemed to be a very feminine and frilly bow-tie. He had been completely feminized even to the point of removing all his body hair.
"Rise and shine girly-boy!" shouted a happy voice and the women burst into laughter as more cameras flashed.
Kevin looked around him in a panic as the women beamed at him and then to his horror they turned around and marched off towards the convention room.
"Where are my clothes?" he asked.
One of the women gave him a cheeky smile and shrugged as she disappeared out of the room.
He looked around at the reception desk. There were two young women from the hotel staff looking at him with smirks on their faces but they quickly looked down and made themselves busy with the hotel registry. He could see that they were laughing so hard they were shaking.
He tried to stand up but he was still too dizzy. The chair he was on faced the entrance to the hotel and as he watched three buses arrived outside. The doors opened and dozens of women poured out of them heading straight for the hotel...


Chaste Hubby said...

God I LOVE this story!

Sharon said...

One lucky person

Trapper said...

A pity he/she wasn't tied inescapably to the chair.