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Thursday, September 10, 2009

TG captions quickie: Forced feminization is the answer to living in harmony

A feminine home is a happy home
Ellen makes some adjustments to her room mate
Forced feminization to cure a room mateEllen had had enough of her room mate Warren making a mess of her apartment so she decided to hypnotize him to try and make him better house trained. She started off with instructing him to be more tidy, but then she began to think of other changes she could make.
Being tidy was one thing, but it would be nice if he enjoyed the same television shows as she did. In fact, why stop just at TV? If Warren enjoyed all the things she did then they would get on so much better. There was shopping for a start, especially shopping for clothes, waxing, trying new recipes, reading girly magazines, in fact just about all the things a girl likes to do. Ellen soon realized that it would be easier to wipe Warren's mind clean and start all over again by force feminizing him with a much better set of habits.
Now Warren answers to the name of Wendy and is the best room mate Ellen could wish for. Of course, she still has to train Wendy in being a woman now and then but that small effort is worth it for having a perfect room mate for company.


Anonymous said...

such a pretty dress and so short

Justin said...

mmmm...i wish i could be hypnotized like her^^

Anonymous said...

That is so very the finger in the mouth look!

Anonymous said...

I so wish that was me.