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Friday, September 04, 2009

The boys find a novel way to attend the girls' party

The girls-only all night summer party was not to be missed
TG captions summer partyStan and Mel were determined to go to the girls' end of summer garden party. They had heard that things could get wild at the party that would go on all night till the next day but there was a strict rule that only women were allowed. So they purchased a potion from a witch at their local coven that would turn them into women for the night. However, the witch warned them that with the first light of dawn they would instantly turn back into boys. They were more than happy with the result that turned them into two beautiful girls. Calling themselves Sally and Melissa they slipped sexy summer dresses and headed for the party where they had no trouble getting in where they found a garden full of beautiful scantily clad women. Before long, they had a beer in hand each and were ready to start partying.

TG captions summers partyOnce inside they were shocked to discover the very same witch that had sold them the potion. For moment they thought she was going to reveal their secret to the rest of the party but she just nodded at them with a small smile on her face and the boy-girls settled down to enjoy their drinks.
Unfortunately for Sally and Melissa, they forgot that in their new feminine bodies their alcohol tolerance was now that of a girl's. After just one beer they were pretty light headed and it was about then that Stan began to pay more attention to just how hot Melisaa looked. Likewise, Melissa couldn't keep her hands off Sally.

TG captions summer party
The witch meanwhile quietly explained to all the other party goers that they should stay well away from them because they were really boys and that at dawn their true selves would be revealed. Not that it mattered, because by the end of the evening the two had eyes only for each other, much to the amusement of all the other girls at the party. They were so busy enjoying each others new bodes that they didn't notice the gathering light on the horizon or the crowd of girls around them waiting with their cameras at the ready...

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