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Friday, August 28, 2009

A panty thief is forced feminized for his punishement

Matt got more than panties when he tried stealing Lynn's lingerie
Forced feminized maidMatt sighed as he carefully dusted the counter. His feet ached from his high-heeled shoes but he still had several hours of work to do. He was about to sit down and take a rest when he heard Lynn's heels click down the corridor towards him and quickly went back to work. Moments later Lynn entered the room with a container of window cleaner in her hands.
"Maid!" she said sharply. "I have another task for you."
"Yes Miss Lynn," Matt replied.
Lynn told Matt that she wanted him to clean all the windows today as well as his other tasks.
"You'll be a busy little girl today, won't you," she smirked.
"Yes Miss Lynn, I will be," Matt said and he thought about how he had put himself in this predicament.
Lynn was a sexy blonde girl who lived in the house next door and the day before she had caught Matt stealing a pair of panties off her clothes line. To Matt's surprise she agreed not to call the police if he agreed to be her house-help. Matt couldn't face the shame of being arrested for panty-pilfering so he jumped at the chance. The next day Matt arrived as demanded but rather than giving him work to do Lynn told him to go away and shave his whole body. When Matt protested she calmly reached for the phone and called the police.
"Okay!" Matt shouted in a panic and hurried to as he was told. He didn't like the idea but he went home and shaved his whole body. The he returned to Lynn's and to his horror he found she had laid out a maid's uniform on the sofa in the living room.
Forced feminized maid"From now on you are my female maid You will wear this at all times and refer to me as 'Miss Lynn'," she told. "There is make up for you to make yourself pretty as well. When you are ready I will be waiting in the kitchen."
Then she left the room while he changed. In addition to the uniform there was a black lace panty for him to wear too and some make up and a wig. Matt pulled on the panties and uniform and then applied the make up as best he could. Then he went to find Lynn.
"I'm ready, Miss Lynn," he said.
Lynn looked him over and then pulled up his skirt to check he was really wearing the panties.
Matt's cheeks burned red at how silly he felt dressed in a maid uniform for the sexy woman as she checked his underwear.

Forced feminized maidThen she gave him a long list of things to do including tidying, laundry, cleaning, dusting, washing, and folding her clothes.
"You had better have it all done and the windows," she said as she handed him the window detergent.
"Yes, Miss Lynn," he said.
Lynn looked down at his feet.
"Tomorrow I want you to paint your toe nails before you come to work," she said.
"Tomorrow?" asked Matt in disbelief.
"Oh yes," Lynn said with a wicked smile, "you are going to be my maid for a quite a while now..."


Sport said...

great post

Danyelle TS in FL said...

this was a great story I'd love to see a sequel

Marie-Christine said...

Poor Matt, I know he enjoys his time with Miss Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Did mattie get her panties in a bunch?" So sweet, my " " sissy bitch" You play, you gotta pay " bitch" and for the outfit " Ooh, la la!" Jennifer A.