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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feminized as he sleeps

The girls feminize Trevor as he sleeps, or is he?
Feminization is every one's favorite game
Forced feminized as he pretends to sleepAfter an evening drinking with Claire, Judy, and Kate, Trevor curled up on the couch and pretended to fall into a drunken stupor. His plan was to pretend to have passed out and see what the girls got up to in their apartment. He couldn't believe his luck when they decided to feminize him.
He had always fantasized about being feminized and now three girls were pulling off his clothes and giggling with laughter as they shaved his body and then found lingerie for him to wear. Claire pulled out a pair of white cotton panties and they girls lifted one of his legs after the other as they pulled the panties up. The found the girliest clothes they could including a pair of bright yellow shorts and a pink tank top and dressed Trevor in them. Then they set to work with make up and pulled back his long black hair with a hair band. The girls were laughing so hard they could barely hold the lipstick straight and Trevor had a hard time keeping up his act as they feminized him. Finally they were done and they sat back to admire the boy in front of them.
"Little do they know, but I've just had the time of my life," Trevor thought to himself.
But little did he know that the girls had photographed the whole feminization process and were already sending the pictures out to their friends...

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