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Friday, August 14, 2009

Forced feminization for revenge

Laura uses forced feminization to get back at her boyfriend
He'll be a new woman now
Force feminization for revengeLaura was furious when she found out that her boyfriend Eric had shown pictures of her in her underwear to his friends. Those pictures were supposed to be just for him to enjoy. She threatened to break up with him unless she could even the score by showing pictures of him to her friends. Eric thought she meant that she would take pictures of him in his undies to show her girlfriends and secretly he liked the idea of having all those women looking at him. But Laura had other plans.

She insisted on him wearing exactly the same clothes that she had worn when he took the pictures of her. That meant a skimpy vest top, a mini-skirt and a pair of white panties with big red strawberries on them.
"You are kidding," Eric said in alarm. "Look I'm sorry, I take you out for dinner or something."
"Not a chance, "Laura said and Eric could see she was still fuming. "If you don't, not only will I dump you, but I'll tell everyone it was because you have 'problems' in bed."
Eric knew just how damaging that could be so he reluctantly agreed. Laura intended to go the whole way and even insisted that he shave his body before she dressed him in a bra stuffed with socks, the strawberry panties, and the top and skirt.
Eric climbed on the bad and posed as Laura had done as his girlfriend snapped some pictures. Then Laura came over and lifted his skirt to expose his panties for some more shots, just as she had done.
"I want those panties looking nice and feminine without any 'boy bits' on show," she said with a smirk.
As she lifted the skirt to check how the panties looked Eric tried one last time to talk her out of it, but if anything, things seemed to be getting worse.
"Actually, I quite like you in panties and a skirt," Laura said. "I'll see if the girls agree and if they do perhaps I'll keep you like this all the time."


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As it should be

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Nice panties l hope she goes make him girl