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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lingerie feminization

Self-feminization will be such a relief
Every woman knows that pretty underthings make you feel good
lingerie feminizationYou know how good it feels to wear panties, don't you? The smooth soft material against you body. Look at this beautiful lingerie set I am wearing now. Wouldn't you just love to wear this? Of course you would. What girl wouldn't? And after all, deep down in side you are a girl aren't you?
Just imagine how good it would be to put on this bra in the morning and clip it shut across your back feeling the delicate cups on your chest all day long. And as for the panties, how fine it would be to have these feminine delicates encasing you as go about your day. How cute they are, with that little bow at the front! Just what a girl needs.

Lingerie feminizationSee how the fit across my bottom? Every girl knows how good it is to wear fine lingerie, and that why we love wearing it. Why should you miss out on the pleasure? Come on, join the women and give yourself up to your feminine side. Wear panties and a bra all day today, just for the sake of being a women. Can you really resist the temptation?


Anonymous said...

I can't resist the temptation. That's why I enjoy the feel of lacy panties and silky pantyhose beneath my man clothes almost every day.

Alexia said...

Doesn't every man want to be a woman, atleast I know I do.

Anonymous said...

You're right there's no fighting it I belong in panties.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty panties and bra makes my girly heart swoon. They are almost as dainty as the pair I'm wearing tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would love having that bra and panties on !