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Friday, September 11, 2009

Caught trying on her stockings

Jake can't resist trying on Vicky's stockings
TG captions Caught trying on her stockingsJake couldn't wait to try on Vicky's clothes. Vicky was his girlfriend Kelly's friend from out of town and she was staying with them for the weekend. The two girls decided to go out for lunch and Jake wasted no time in getting inside Vicky's panties.

As soon as the girls had left he headed for their room and opened Vicky's suitcase. Vicky was a gorgeous blonde who loved wearing stockings and suspenders as did Jake. He pulled off his own clothes and slipped on a pair of Vicky's satin panties. He found a matching bra and then put on a pale blue top and a gray mini skirt. He was saving the best for last. He attached one of Vicky's suspender belts to his waist and then slowly rolled a silk stocking up each leg, luxuriating in the feel of the soft smooth material on his legs which he kept shaved.
He found one of Kelly's blonde wigs and put that on and then threw himself on the bed to pose in front of the bedroom mirror. For over half an hour he lost himself in one sexy post after another, imaging what it must feel like to be a sexy woman.
"Looks like we've got a crossdresser on our hands," said a voice from the door just as he was striking a raunchy pose.
Jake threw a look over his should and to his horror he saw Vicky and Kelly standing in the doorway smirking at him. He noticed that Kelly was filming him with her camera phone and he knew that within a few minutes the video would be forwarded to all her friends.
"Please Kelly," he pleaded, "I was just having a bit of I'll do anything."
"That's good, you can keep performing so I can get so more footage," Kelly said with an evil smile. "I want to get some good stuff before I send it on..."

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