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Friday, September 18, 2009

Crossdressing shoe sales girl

'Dani' wasn't expecting someone he knew to come into his shop
I'd like to pink ones pleaseDanny had always loved being feminine. He craved the beautiful skirts and in particular the shoes that girls wore and he had been crossdressing in private for years. Then he came up with a great way of living his dream by taking a job as a salesgirl in a women's shoe shop. He looked good enough as a girl that no one noticed and things were going very well until Michelle came into to buy some shoes.
Taking the job at the shoe shop was the most fun Danny had every had. He called himself 'Dani' and the woman who owned the shop never guessed he was really a boy. Finally he was able to be feminine with real women and he did well as a salesgirl advising the female customers on what shoes looked best. He always dressed the part, making the best use of his long legs that he kept smooth and manicured. He wore fine lingerie and fashionable sexy clothes and the shoppers loved him. With his long hair and delicate features and careful make up no one would guess his secret. And that was important because no one knew that Danny liked wearing women's clothes. He had managed to keep it secret and that was the way he intended things to stay: Boy by day, girl by night.
Then one evening Michelle, his next door neighbor walked in to the shop. Dani nearly fainted when he saw her, because as good as he looked as a girl he was sure she would recognize him.
These are very prettyMichelle looked at him for a moment and then her face went blank and she marched over and spoke to him.
"I'm looking for some pink shoes," she said.
Dani couldn't believe it! Michelle didn't seem to recognize him and he quickly found some pink shoes for Michelle to look at.
Michelle insisted on trying each pair on and Dani had to kneel down in front of her to help her put on each pair. From where he was he couldn't help seeing up Michelle's skirt and she was wearing pink panties to match her top.
Nice pantiesLittle did Danny realize but Michelle had recognized him as soon as she saw him. As he crouched down to show her each new pair of shoes he accidently exposed his pretty panties of the day to Michelle and she nearly burst out laughing but managed to control herself. She wanted to make the most of this. She enjoyed having him crawl around at her feet and calling her 'Miss'. And as for the panties, she just had to comment on those.
"Those are pretty panties," she remarked barely stifling a laugh. "Where did you buy them?"
Dani blushed with embarrassment but he happily told Michelle where he had bought them and before he knew it he was telling her all about the style and colors of underwear he liked to wear best.

I'll come back with the rest of the girlsAfter half an hour Michelle stood up and looked down at Danny. She was about to reveal to him that she knew just who he was but she had a better plan.
"Will you be here tomorrow evening as well," she asked.
"Yes," said Dani.
"Okay, I'll come back tomorrow and buy the shoes," Michelle promised.
And she kept her word. The next day she came back to the shop, only this time she brought five of her friends with, all of them girls who knew Danny.


april amanda said...

loved the story

Anonymous said...

great story, but would love to see what happened after she came back the next day...