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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Forced feminized to cure his roving eye

A girl uses forced feminization to stay in control
Lynn finds a novel way to stop Andrew looking at other women
Forced feminization, checking his smooth legsLynn was fed up with way her boyfriend Andrew kept looking at other women. To cure him, she set him on a strict feminization program to let him know how it feels to be a woman. The program required him to wear women's clothes at all times when they were in private. In addition she demanded that he keep his body shaved as a girl should. Everyday she would carry out spot checks to make sure he was keeping his legs smooth.
Andrew had had enough of the feminizing but little did he realize it was too late. Lynn had a full photo-journal of his forced feminization and she was now ready to take it to the next level. Unknown to Andrew, she had been slipping him estrogen at every opportunity and the results were already showing.

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Anonymous said...

I wish my wife would turn me into a girl like that