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Sunday, July 05, 2009

New girl on the beach

Jeff was ready to show off his new beach body, but dare he?
TG captions crossdressing on the beachJeff was torn with indecision. He had spent months preparing for this moment and now he was ready to enjoy his first trip to the beach dressed as a girl. But now, as he looked out at the crowds milling around on the sand he couldn't move. What if he couldn't pass as a girl after all?

His preparations had begun at the end of last summer. Every day he had gone to the beach and admired the girls in their bikinis and swimsuits as they enjoyed the sun. He wished he could be one of them and promised himself that next year he would be there. He spent the whole winter at the gym, attending aerobics classes and body-sculpturing to give himself a perfect feminine form. He waxed his body and then waxed it again them treated himself with skin conditioners until he glowed. He grew his hair and had it styled with soft curls that fell to his shoulder. Then he bought a blue swimsuit that was sexy yet enough for him to hide the last indications of his masculinity. He knew he looked good and had no trouble passing wearing women's clothes in the day, but could he really pass on the beach? Today, he arrived at the beach and went to a beach hut to change He slipped on the blue-stiped swimsuit, carefully applied sunscreen and then with his heart in his mouth, he stepped outside. He expected everyone to notice him but people just walked on by enjoying the sun. He stood there for many long minutes trying to decide if he was pushing his luck or if he should just stay where he was. Then he saw a group of girls walking along the beach, laughing, and enjoying the day. He remembered his promise to himself from the year before. Jeff to a deep breath and stepped out on to the beach...

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