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Friday, July 10, 2009

Forced feminized at the cheese and wine

The ladies have their own fun at the cheese and wine
Forced feminized at the cheese and wineLewis had it all worked out. When Susan, Lucy, and Debbie invited him over for some wine and cheese at their apartment he could taste the tension in the air. He was always dropping comments about having a wild night with the three of them and now it seemed they were up for it too. This was going to be a fun night and he had every intention of getting inside the girls' panties by the end of the evening. If only he knew that the girls were thinking the same thing.

Forced feminization at the cheese and wineThe evening got off to a flying start and the girls never stopped flirting with him. Susan kept staring at him over the top of her glass, Lucy took every opportunity to touch his arm, shoulder or neck each time she filled his glass, and Debbie was playing footsie with him under the table. In fact he was so distracted he didn't notice that he was the only one drinking and what with the 'extra something' the girls added to spike his drink it wasn't long before he passed out.

Forced feminized at the cheese and wineThe girls set to work straight away. Stripping him naked they shaved his body, set his long blonde hair, and gave him a full makeover before putting him a pair of panties and doing an entire photoshoot with Lewis in some very compromising positions. Finally they put him to bed in the spare room to sleep it off.
When Lewis woke up the next day he could barely remember passing out. He assumed the evening had gone well because he was naked and clearly still in the girls' apartment. Then he realized he was wearing panties and his body was smooth all over. The first pangs of panic set in as he got out of bed and found that all his clothes were gone and the door was locked.
He banged on the door and then heard the girls arrive on the other side.
"Rise and shine Louise," Debbie's voice taunted him from the other side of the door.
'Open this door at once and give me my clothes," Lewis demanded.
"We have given you clothes sweetie," came Susan's voice. "They are hanging on the door."
Lewis looked up and noticed with horror the frilly white slip hanging on the door.
"I'm not wearing that!" he shouted.
"Oh yes you are are!" laughed the girls together.
"That's all you are going to wear to get home in," continued Lucy. "Unless you want to go home in your panties."
The girls burst out laughing at this taunt and Lewis wondered home much longer this nightmare of humiliation would continue. If he had bothered to check the back of his panties in the mirror he would have known that his forced feminization would continue forever...


Anonymous said...

I would love to wear that dress

Alex said...

I dont get the feminization would continue forever part. I see the words on the panties, but i just dont get it.

markanthony said...

very cute