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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sitting like a lady

Audrey had to keep a sharp eye on Adrian's progress towards becoming Adele
Audrey's forced feminization program of her fiance was proceeding nicely. After she found some of the bizarre porn that Adrian had on his computer she decided to feminize him to keep him in line. Adrian had no choice and after months of careful programing, estrogen, and many session at the local beauty parlor, he was finally good enough to show off in public. Audrey invited her friends over to see the results of her dedicated work on her redesigned fiance Adele. Unfortunately, some of his masculine traits would still sometimes surface.

Without the experience of years of dressing as a girl he could still sometimes be quite embarrassing, like when he crossed his legs. However, Audrey kept him in line with a sharp reprimand about his new way of life.

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