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Monday, April 27, 2009

TG caption quickies: Force feminized, spellbound, and doing it right

The girls have some fun when Mike drinks more than he should
crossdressed while drunkAfter Mike had a few glasses too many of wine and passed out in their apartment Susan and Alice thought it would be fun to dress him up as a girl. Mike was too drunk to object or even realize what was going on and the result was spectacular. The girls transformed him into a hot blonde with incredible legs. By the time he was fully crossdressed Mike was just coming round but could barely stand so they propped him up against a wall as best they could while they took some pictures to show their friends.

A spell makes him as happy as a woman can be

a spell for a happy womanAs Trevor opened his girlfriend's book of spells he laughed to himself at how Joann and her friends actually believed in all that magic nonsense. He opened the book at random and found a spell for 'Being happy as a woman'.
"Happiness is good," he thought to himself.
As he read the spell aloud he felt a slight dizziness and then he had to admit to himself he felt better than he had ever before.

Juliet takes her role seriously

crossdressing JulietWhen Lisa the director cast Gavin as Juliet for an amateur theater company production of Romeo and Juliet the idea was to have a bit of fun. However, Gavin thought that taking his part very seriously would be the most fun of all.


Sport said...

Great trio

jimbo said...

as shania sings, man I feel like a woman! these are great

Anonymous said...

i like the juliet one.... wish my life could be like that....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps another glass of wine is all I need to ...