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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cleaner caught with panties

Andy wasn't supposed to clean the girls' bedrooms.
Forced to wear their pantiesTo pay his way through college Andy took on a cleaning job with a house-cleaning service run by a middle-aged woman known only as Mrs. Brownson. He had a round of apartments to clean and his favorite was the apartment of Felicia and Lynn, two successful business executives. Both women were gorgeous and preferred to wear fairly provocative and sexy fashion. All their clothes seemed to be micro miniskirts and sexy dresses. Andy took every opportunity to admire their legs when he got the chance and although he was sure they noticed they didn't seem to mind.
Andy loved moving through their apartment which the girls kept quite tidy. Mostly he just had to clean the floors and dust. While he worked Felicia and Lynn either watched tv or stayed in their rooms. He wasn't supposed to go into the bedrooms, his work was only in the public rooms, but he was curious as to how they looked. Then one day when only Felicia was home she got a call from the office and had to run out.
"I'll be back in an hour, Andy," she said as she left.
Andy couldn't believe his luck. He finally had the place to himself. He watched from the window as Felicia pulled away in her car and then headed straight for her room.
He wasn't disappointed Felicia's room was just like the way she dressed; frilly bedding, lace curtains, bright colorful decorations. It didn't Andy very long to find her underwear drawer and it was full of brightly colored panties and bras, with different patterns and designs. In her closet there were several babydolls that were soft and light to touch. He spent many minutes checking through her underthings, enjoying the soft fabrics and the little details such as bows and lace on her panties. Then he moved on to Lynn's room, where the decor was more modern, with dark solid colors. However, Lynn's choice of underwear was both different and exciting. Her drawer was full of satin and lace, deep red thongs with matching bras, and black satin hi-legs.
Forced feminized in pantiesAndy could contain himself no longer. He took off his clothes and pulled out a pair of Lynn's black satin panties with a lacy trim around the legs. He sighed as he played with the panties enjoying their silky smooth feel as he rubbed then against his body and then his hand wandered down to open his pants.
"What the hell are you doing creep!" shouted Lynn from the door.
Andy's eye's snapped open and spun around to see Lynn standing in the door to the bedroom staring as him.
"Felicia was right to tell me to come home as soon as I can and check up on you," Lynn said. "Looks like I got here just in time."
"I'm sorry, Lynn," Andy said and he quickly picked up his clothes to get dressed in the bathroom.
"Oh no you don't, you stay right there just the way you are until Felicia comes home," Lynn said stopping him in his tracks. She ordered him to go to the living room dressed only in the black panties and wait for him there or she would call the police right then and there.
He had not choice but to obey her and as he left he heard her calling Felicia on the phone. He couldn't hear all of the conversation but he heard snippets like 'little pervert', 'in the bedrooms, and 'yes, wearing my panties!'.
After that Lynn stayed in her room and he waited terrified for Felicia to come home. It seemed like and age but finally her heard the door open and Felicia was home.
A moment later she poked her head in the door, gave him a stern look and then went to speak to Lynn. He heard them talking for a while and then he thought he heard them laughing. There was more talk and then he definitely he heard Lynn laughing. A few moment later the two women came into the living room with very mischievous looks on their faces.
Sissy boy cleaner forced to wear panties"So, it seems we have caught ourselves a little sissy-boy," Lynn began. "We have decided to overlook this little issue...on one condition. Firstly, you will be fired at the end of today, and secondly you will finish cleaning up wearing the clothes I have laid out for you on my bed. It's either that or the police."
Visions of arrest and being kicked out of school filled Andy' head so with little choice he agreed.
"But first you will shave your entire body," Felicia said, and then both girls started laughing. "You know where the razors are in the bathroom.".
It took Andy about an hour to shave his body and then, with nothing else to wear, he put the black panties back on and went to Lynn's bedroom. What he saw on the bed made him go crimson with embarrassment. On Lynn's bed was a tiny frilly satin top and a bright pink satin mini skirt together with a long black wig. Andy looked around hoping perhaps he was making a mistake but there was nothing else lying out for him to wear. Next to the bed was a pair of high-heeled black shoes.
"Come on, we're getting bored in here," Lynn sang out from the living room and he heard Felicia laughing in the background. "We're waaaaaitng..."
Andy pulled on the skirt and top, slipped his feet into the heels and nearly fell over trying to walk to the door. He regained his balance and walked to the living room cringing each time his heels clicked on the wooden floor.
"Here he comes," called out Felicia as he approached the door.
The moment the girls caught sight of Andy they collapsed into laughter.
"What a cute little girly you are!" shouted Lynn as she took pictures with a camera.
"I think he would look much better with make up," Felicia said and without asking his opinion they marched him to Felecia's room to put on eye makeup and lipstick.
Then it was back to the living room for more photos.
"Give us a twirl!" Lynn said and Andy turned full circle.
"What a naughty little girl you are," Felicia told him, "that skirt is so short we can see your panties."
And both girls again collapsed into laughter.
For the rest of the afternoon Felicia and Lynn teased Andy as he cleaned their home before finally letting him go at the end of the day.
And had hoped that was the last of the incident but the next week when he arrived for work Mrs. Brownson kept smirking at him and asking him if he wanted to wear something more comfortable...

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