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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Robert discovers the joy of shopping

Mandy makes arrangements for Robert to enjoy her shopping sprees too
TG captions, crossdressing for his shopping tripMandy insisted that Robert come with her to the mall on her monthly shopping spree. Robert knew from previous experience that Mandy could spend hours looking at clothes and jewelry and make-up while he went crazy with boredom. Tonight there was a big game on and he made it very clear to Mandy that he intended to watch the game with the other guys so they would have to finish at the mall early.
However, this time Mandy had other plans.
"But shopping is so much fun," she said even though she too was fed up with how bored and irritable Martin would get after just an hour of looking around the shops.
Martin gave her a withering look.
"The sooner we can get away the better," he said. "I don't want to miss that game."
When they arrived at the mall the first thing Mandy did was to drag him by the arm to a small boutique where Madam ZaZa the Mystic gave fortune readings and hypnosis treatments. At first Martin refused point blank to go in but Mandy pulled him in anyway and after what seemed like no time at all they were back outside. Martin felt very puzzled. He could dimly remember arriving at the boutique but nothing about what happened inside no matter how hard he tried.
"Right," Mandy said looking very pleased with herself. "Where shall we start?"
"That's up to you," Martin said stuffing his hands in his pockets. "As long as I make it out here in time for the game."
"Oh, come on," Mandy said, "wouldn't you rather be shopping for fun things?"
"No," Martin said but that sounded like the wrong answer.
"Are you sure you wouldn't like to pick up a nice new outfit," Mandy purred. "Maybe after getting your hair done first?"
Martin looked down at his crumpled shirt, faded jeans and drab shoes and despite himself he had to agree that sounded like a great idea.
Mandy led the way to Susan's Beauty Parlor on the fourth floor. Susan and her two assistants Jill and Becky, seemed to be expecting them when they came in.
"Ah is this the young gentleman you booked for the full treatment," Susan asked with a knowing wink.
"What treatment?" Martin said with alarm.
"To make you beautiful of course," Mandy said and Martin felt a thrill
like he had never felt before at the idea.
Susan, Becky and Jill got to work on Martin and he didn't protest even once as the first waxed his entire body, plucked his eyebrows into feminine arches, pierced his ears, and then attached blonde extensions to his hair. Finally they gave him a full makeover so that by the time they had finished he looked so feminine he barely recognized himself. As odd as it all was, he was thrilled at the result.
"Just wait till the guys seem this at the game tonight," he said.
"Yes dear," Mandy said patting his arm as she led him towards a lingerie shop across the floor. "We should really get you something nicer to wear now that you are so smooth and clean all over."
The thought that someone might see him made up as a girl bothered him and he was about to protest when he caught sight of all the pretty things in the lingerie shop window. In the past he always tried to imagine what Mandy, or any other girl, would like in such sexy underwear but now he just had a warm feeling inside at the thought of wearing them.
Walking into the shop in his current state of mind all Robert could think of was colors and materials, silk or satin, pink or black, lace or bows. It was as though he was seeing lingerie for the first time. For the next half an hour Mandy and Robert went through the shop, choosing panties for him a new bra for her. They both tried on the same babydoll and even the shop owner had to admit it looked just as good as him. Finally, they left with their purchase and Robert even ditched his boxers for a pair of his new panties. These were white cotton, with a delicate embossed flower pattern and a small white silk bow on each hip. As he pulled them on in the changing room they felt more comfortable and cosy than any underwear he had ever worn before. The only down side was putting his male clothes back on top of them.
"Now Roberto, we really have to get you out of those nasty clothes," Mandy said and Robert squealed with relief. He didn't even mind that Mandy had feminized his name. In fact, he rather liked the sound of it now.
They quickly found him a perfect pink two piece outfit that completed his feminine transformation. The only thing missing was shoes. Mandy wanted to get a pair as well so they headed for her favorite store.
Until then Robert had only ever owned two pairs off shoes, one black, one brown. Now he couldn't get enough of them. He wanted to buy the whole store but Mandy insisted that he choose between the girly high-heeled sandals with an ankle bow, or the more elegant pink high-heeled sandals that matched his outfit.
"You see," Mandy said, "shopping is much more fun than watching the game."
"What game?," Roberto asked as he admired his legs and heels in the mirror.
"Oh Mandy, you must help me decide, which ones should I get?" Robert wailed. "I still want to visit that jewelry boutique we saw and I must pick up some t-shirts and shorts before we go to the perfume shop. We must hurry, or we won't manage it all before the stores close."

"I think that from now on you will be the perfect shopping partner," Mandy laughed as she gave him a peck on the cheek. "Come on then girl, you lead the way..."


mingle said...

This is a great story. I love mind control and the idea of a man giving up his masculinity because he's overwhelmed with feminine desire. Great job.

leslie said...

good :)

Anonymous said...

"Roberto" is the feminine form ?

Anonymous said...

HOWEVER, MANDY and 'ROBIN' did get back home in time for the game. Seven of Mandy's girlfriends were waiting as they arrived to their house. The WOMEN all sat around enjoying the game, but ROBIN never got to see any of it -- 'SHE' was too busy tearfully scurrying about in his girlish attire, preparing party snacks, mixing drinks, serving and clearing their mess as the Females joked and cheered the all evening long.

Anonymous said...

the pink suit is so girly a real guys delight

and just love the sandals

Marie-Christine said...

I want to be a Roberta in such a frilly pink skirtsuit.