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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joining the aerobics class

Charlie was more than happy to comply with the gym rules
TG capitons, crossdressing for aerobicsFor weeks Charlie had passed by the new aerobics studio and wondered what it would be like to take a class. To spend an hour in a room full of women wearing spandex as they danced their way to fitness would be heaven. Finally he plucked up the courage to go in and ask. He was greeted by one of the instructors, Jo, sitting at a desk at the door. When Charlie asked about taking a class, Jo gave him a knowing look and said the aerobics classes were for women only.
"Come back as a woman and we be happy to have you join us," she smirked and gave him a timetable of the classes. "But we'd have to check you out first to see if you make the grade."
Charlie went home but he could think of nothing else all evening. He had something of a spandex fetish and even had several leotards and unitards that he wore at home. His hair was always kept long like a girl, he shaved his body even under his arms, so why not?
Two weeks later he returned early for an evening class. He wore a pale blue one-piece unitard underneath a track suit. Jo was sitting at the desk when he came in talking to another instructor named Tina.
She looked up when he came in and then recognized him.
TG captions, crossdressing for aerobics"Come for a class?" she asked and then explained to Tina their earlier conversation.
"Yes, I have," Charlie replied and stripped off his track suit.
The girls gaped at him for a moment and then gave him a careful examination.
"Just look at his thighs," Tina said. "I could kill for legs like that."
"What I want to know is where you have hidden your 'you-know-what'," Jo said as she stared at his groin and then examined him from behind.
However, the girls finally announced their approval of his make-over and admission to the class.
Fifteen minutes later Charlie was having the time of his life as he joined 10 other women for a workout class titled 'Buns N' Tums'....

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