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Sunday, April 19, 2009

TG caption quickies: A leotard, feminized flying, and at the pool

Strutting in his leotard had seemed like a good idea
TG captions, strutting in his leotardGavin just loved the way the hi-leg thong-leotard fitted his body. The feeling of lycra caressing his body was heaven to him and the leotard added feminine curves to his shaved body that made him look and feel sexy.
"If you are going to crossdress, then do it in a lycra leotard," he giggled as he admired himself in the mirror.
It was early evening and there was light traffic on the highway that ran along the back alley of his apartment block. There didn't seem to be any neighbors outside and Gavin was gripped by the idea of prancing down into the back alley pretending to empty the garbage so that he could tease some passing motorists. He slipped out of the backdoor and made for the road. But as he headed out he heard the 'click' as the door locked shut behind him...

High flying tranny
TG captions, crossdressing air stewardessJerry's girlfriend Sandra had a job as a stewardess on an airline. She came up with a great way to have Jerry fly for free with her; by dressing him up as a stewardess. The rest of the girls on the aircrew didn't seem to mind as long as he stayed in the kitchen and tidied up. Jerry and Sandra couldn't resist taking a photo of their adventure.

Posing as female pool guard can be tricky
TG captions, dressing as pool guardBen couldn't believe how easy it had been to dress as a girl and get a job as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool. Things had been going well until it came time to change at the end of the day. It was just his luck that the local college women's swimming team were in the changing room after a hard practice session. As they took their showers and started getting dressed they chattered away with all the usual girls' locker room talk and fun. Ben took one look at all those gorgeous half-dressed girls and headed straight to take cold shower before he gave himself away.