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Friday, April 17, 2009

Changed to perfection

Alexia had plans for Albert that would make him just right
TG captions, a perfect lover for AlexiaAlbert woke and for a few minutes he couldn't remember where he was or how he got there. He looked around and saw he was in a large room with sumptuous furniture and paintings on the walls. Albert could feel he was no longer wearing his jeans and shirt but when he looked down his sleepiness vanished in an instant. He was wearing a black lacy bra with pink trimmings and matching thong panty teasingly hidden beneath a see-through lace mini skirt. And if that wasn't enough then the long blonde hair falling down over the perfect female body he now had nearly made him faint.

TG captions, a perfect lover for AlexiaThen it all came back to him. The bar, the exotic-looking woman called Alexia who had made eye-contact with him. Dressed in a long black gown that clung to her body she was the sexiest woman in the room and Albert had felt the envy of every other man as she started up a conversation with him. She had a faint European accent that Albert couldn't place but he flirted in English like and expert. Before long they had left the bar together to go back to her home, a large house in its own grounds. She fixed him another drink and that was the last he remembered until he woke up.
He jumped up from the couch where he lay and as he stood gaping down at his gorgeous body he heard a familiar voice behind him.
"Hello Darling, you slept well," Alexia said.

TG captions, perfect lover for AlexiaAlbert spun around to demand what was going on but he stopped short when he saw that Alexia was wearing a black lace corset and stockings that made her look even more exotic and sexy than in the bar. The corset contrasted her long black hair and dark eyes making her the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
"What have you done to me?" Albert asked as he stared at her incredible body.
"I have made you perfect," Alexia said. "As a witch I will settle for nothing less than perfect."
"I want my body back!" Albert shouted in a panic.
"Really? Alexia purred. " Do you not feel how warm and good your body is now? Do you not love your soft skin. Do you not feel beautiful and sexy now as a woman?"

TG captions, a perfect lover for AlexiaDespite himself Albert had to agree. He did feel more beautiful than he ever remembered. His whole body felt alive and tingling at the thought of his lovely lingerie.
"And have you not always wanted to know how it feels to be a woman?" she continued.
Albert blushed. He had always wondered what it was like to be a woman wearing sexy clothes. He didn't think he was transgendered or a transvestite or anything, it was more just a curiosity, or so he thought.
"Come now," Alexia said as she turned to the stairs. "Enough of this time wasting. Come with me my darling girl. I have so much planned for you."
As she turned to go Albert caught site her smooth back perfect round bottom peeking out from below her corset.
Albert need no second invitation as she followed Alexia up the stairs...


Sport said...

I love your work ...Sexy Powerfull ..wonderful story with perfect pics to match

Sport said...

I love your work...They are fun very sexy...great story with beautifull well matched pictures..
Thank you

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excellent story with great pics