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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crossdressed flirt

Sandra and Jane found a great way to get their revenge on two-timing Stan
Sandra was furious when she found out that Stan was dating both her and Jane at the same time so together with her roommate Andrea she decided to get some revenge.
TG captions, crossdressing flirtAs Stan lay sleeping early one morning Sandra's roommate Andrea hypnotized him completely and then began some very intensive reprogramming. Later on Jane arrived and together the three girls spent the whole morning feminizing Stan as he remained in a trance-like state obeying their every command.
Although Stand couldn't hear or understand anything that the girls were doing followed every instruction they gave him. After stripping him down they took him to the bathroom to shave his body and all three women had a good laugh as they carefully removed every last hair from his body leaving as smooth as girl. They then did his hair, dressed him in white lacy panties and applied his make-up. This took a long time as the girls were laughing so hard they nearly smudged his face. Finally he was done and they put him a very girly top with a flowery short skirt. With a pair of white stockings rolled up his legs and heeled sandals he was finally ready. They made some final arrangements and then Andrea brought him out of his trance.
As Stan woke up he was surprised to find himself sitting on the couch in the living room with no recollection of how he got there. He looked up and saw Sandra, Andrea, and Jane standing around him holding cameras and looking very pleased with themselves. It took just a moment longer for Stan to look down and see that he was wearing a skirt and only a few moment more to realize that he had been completely feminized.
"What the hell is going on!" Stan shouted as he stoop up, wobbling slightly in his heels.
"You've been getting your fun out of us so we decided it was time for us to have some fun with you as well," Sandra said as the girls started taking pictures. "we hypnotized you and now you are girl."
"I am not and stop that now!" Stand roared but just then there was a ring at the door and Andrea went to answer it.
Stan panicked. It was bad enough to be dressed as a girl by these three women but he didn't want anyone else seeing.
Then, to his horror, he heard a male voice join Andrea's.
"Who is that?" he hissed at Sandra.
"That's Tom, you'll like him," Sandra said and Jane giggled. "We've prepared an another little surprise for you."
"The hell you have, I'm out of here," Stan said but just at that moment the door opened and Andrea came in with Tom.
"Hi everyone, this Tom," Andrea said with a big smirk on her face. "Tom, this is Sandra, Jane, and er...Stacey."
'Hi," said Sanda and Jane brightly.
Stan didn't say anything. He had been about to run out of the room but the moment he caught sight of Tom a very strange feeling came over him. As much as he wanted to run and hide he wanted even more to stay. He sat down and in horror he heard himself say 'Hi' to Tom in a very feminine voice and then he gave Tom a very flirtatious look.
"What am I doing?" he thought to himself but he said out loud 'nice to meet you Tom' and even gave a quick wink.
He saw Tom's eye's lingering on his stocking clad legs and he immediately felt an unwelcome thrill that made him want even more attention.
"Why am I flirting with this guy?" Stan thought and when he saw the smiles on the girls' faces he panicked even more.
Andrea was asking Tom if she could fix him a drink and Stan took the opportunity to have a quick word with Sandra and Jane.
"What have done to me?" he whispered.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" Jane said. "Wouldn't you love to plant a big wet kiss on Tom right now?"
Deep inside Stan could think of nothing worse but his body seemed to have a mind of it's own. He swayed his hips a little and licked his lips as he threw another look at Tom.
Sandra was laughing so hard she had to cover her mouth as she explained.
"While you were under Andrea's spell we made flirting with men irresistible to you."
Before he could respond Andrea announced that she was going to make Tom a coffee and then left the room with Jane and Sandra.
Stan's heart stopped as Tom came over with an eager look on his face.
"Andrea tells me you like to party," he said.
"Oh I do," Stan said unable to stop himself and he sat down on the sofa.
"You have great legs," Tom said.
"Thanks," Stan said with a cheeky smile and to his horror he hitched his short skirt even further up to adjust the stockings giving Tom a good look at his legs.
"That's why I like to wear quality stockings," Stan said and he wished the earth would swallow him. "Why don't you sit down here next to me and feel how smooth they are?"
Tom sat down next to him and placed a hand on his now exposed thigh. Inside Stan wanted to pull away but his body leaned even closer to Tom.
Just then the girls came back into the room.
"Oh, I see you two are getting to now each other so we'll just leave you alone," Andrea said and the three of them left room closing the door behind them.
As Stan heard their muffled laughter beyond the door he felt Tom's hand slid up his thigh....


Dayeandknight said...

This is really nice, great work

Justin said...

mmmmm...i wish that was me!

Anonymous said...

Love the image and the story too - I wish....