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Friday, May 01, 2009

Tina has his perfect woman

Tina makes sure she doesn't go home alone
When Richard woke up he immediately knew something was very different. For a start he was lying on a bed in a bedroom that he had never seen before and his whole body felt strange. He looked down and with a jolt he realized that he now had the body of a woman.
Forced to be her womanRichard jumped from the bed and ran to a mirror on the wall. Staring back at him was a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a sexy basque and matching white stockings. Even in his current panic he could see how hot she looked. The long blonde hair tided up behind his head with just a few strands hanging in front of his face, his glowing skin, and incredible legs. In fact, she was the most perfect woman he had ever dreamed of. He shook himself out of the pride he felt at the body that was now his and tried to remember what had happened but the last he remembered was sitting in a bar and someone sent him a drink, but that was all. One thing he knew for certain, he had to get out of here.

TG captions forced to be her woman
He tried the door to the bedroom but it was locked so he ran to the balcony doors but they were locked too. The sun was setting but there were still people walking in the street outside so he tried banging on the door to get their attention.
The he heard the bedroom door unlock and a woman came in. She was large, larger then he in his feminine body, but still good-looking and wearing a pink stain basque and very cheeky look on her face.
"Hello sexy," the woman said. "I see my sleeping beauty has woken up."
"What's going on," Richard said. "Who are you and what have you done to me? Let me out now!"
"I'm Tina. I'm the kind of girl that men like you ignore all the time," the woman said as she moved towards him. "I'm the girl who gets left behind in the bar and goes home alone. But not tonight. I'm the girl who sent you a drink at the bar earlier on, and that will be the last you can remember. It was a powerful potion that gave the body of your perfect woman. Only, now you are my perfect woman."

TG captions, forced to be her womanAnd Tina began to move closer towards him with a glint in her eye.
"Tonight, your going to be my sweet little thing," she added and Richard whimpered.
He backed away as fear rose from his stomach. There was no way with his slender arms and legs that he could fight off this woman making a very obvious advance on him.
"You want me to chase you, you little tease?" Tina asked in girl voice. "Don't make me work to hard or I will be rough with you."
Too late he realized that he was backing towards the bed.
"That's right my lovely," Tina said, "the bed is were we want to be."
Richard's legs came up against the the bed and he had nowhere left to run. Then Tina pounced. He felt soft hands taking hold of him and then smooth soft skin against his own. He breathed in perfume and then he was falling backwards under her weight. He tried to struggle but was quickly over-powered.
"Oh, you we are going to have sooo much fun," Tina breathed into his ear. "Your going to be my little cup-cake."
Smothered under her pink satin-clad body he lay back as he fellt her hands exploring his ravishing body....


Sport said...

Fantastic story..Great Pics

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Anonymous said...

So next time you are at a bar be careful when YOU TURN DOWN A GIRL, lest YOU ARE TUNED INTO HER GIRL !!!!

Marie-Christine said...

Very nice story. I want to lie under her sexy body.