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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forced to attend a meeting he won't forget

Tracy didn't appreciate Andrew wearing her clothes
TG captions - Showing them his pantiesAndrew could tell something was wrong when he came home from work and found his sister Tracy sitting at his computer. She didn't even look up when he came in and said 'Hi'.
"Hello," she said, still staring intently at the screen. "Or should I say 'hello Andrea' ?"
Andrew felt his heart sink into his feet. 'Andrea' was his online femme persona, and it looked like Tracy had discovered his stash of TG material on his computer.

"Listen Tracy, I can explain," he began. "It's just a bit of fun that I do with the other guys, for a laugh."
"Really," Tracy asked and her tone was hard. "It looks like more than a bit of fun to me."
And with that she reached down and pulled out the portable disc drive she had attached to his computer and left the room.
When Andrew went over to the computer his worse fears were realized: Tracy had been copying pictures of him dressed as a girl including the pictures he had taken of himself wearing her clothes. He was sunk.
All the evening he stayed in his room trying to think of what he could do, or what would happen next but he heard nothing and Tracy didn't come to speak with him. He hardly slept that night and the following morning, Sunday, Tracy was already gone when he woke up. He turned on his computer and found an e-mail from Stacy addressed to 'My crossdressing -sister Andrea'. Andrew could barely bring himself to open the e-mail and when he did he wished he hadn't. Inside was a picture of him standing in Tracy's room wearing her flowery cotton tanga panties and a white bra while he posed for the camera. Beneath the picture was Tracy's demand. He was to meet her at noon in the center of town. And he was to be dressed as a girl and he was to be wearing the panties in the picture. Or else.
Andrew tried to think of a way out of the situation but his mind was racing in so many directions he couldn't think straight. He decided to make it through this ordeal and then see if he could settle things with Tracy later.
At noon he arrived at the arranged meeting point wearing a long brown coat of a modest long grey skirt and matching top. With a long-haired wig on his head he looked very feminine and had no trouble passing. He was still very nervous because he usually didn't go out crossdressed in the day and certainly not in the middle of the town center but there didn't seem to be anyone around. He looked for Tracy and his heart stopped. She was there, right on time, with her best friend Mia. Before he could turn and run Tracy saw him and called out.
"Hi Andrew!", she shouted and Mia burst into giggles while Andrew nearly fainted. The two girls came over and Mia just stood looking at him with a big grin on his face.
"My, my, you are a fine young lady, aren't you?" Tracy said.
"Look Tracy, I'm sorry, you've had your fun, let's just put this behind us, okay?" Andrew pleaded.
"I'm not done with you yet, sissy boy," Tracy snarled. You've been wearing my panties you naughty little boy. In fact, are you wearing the ones I asked for now?"
"Yes," Andrew answered.
"Show me," Tracy said with a wicked smile.
"What, right now, I can't!" Andrew wailed. "Not here in public."
"It's either that or I'll make your pictures public," Tracy said.
Andrew thought the quicker he got it over with the better. He raised the skirt quickly to the top of his thigh giving them the briefest glimpse of the white underthings. His legs were smooth because he always kept them shaved anyway.
"Uh, uh," Tracy said, enjoying the moment. "All the way."
Andrew closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and hitched up his skirt all the way up above his waist to show the two girls his panties.
"Wow, I could kill you for your legs," Mia said. "Cute panties though. I'm wearing something similar myself."
Before he could stop her Tracy snapped a picture of him with her mobile phone and both girls ran off laughing loudly...


Dale said...

That would be fantastic!

Marie-Christine said...

Very sharp! I would be fun to be there en femme with the girls.