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Sunday, April 12, 2009

TG Caption quickies: Feminized mechanics, and wearing heels

Fixing the mechanics
TG captions; fixing the machanicsThe mechanics at Joe's Auto Shop thought they had an easy target when Chloe brought her car in with a little engine trouble. All the needed to do was change the plugs but the boys made up a story about replacing her flux-capacitor and then overcharged her for the work.
However, as an accomplished witch, Chloe's feminine intuition told her they weren't being honest so she fixed some things about the mechanics too. Now the girls know all about shaving legs, skin-tight lycra pants and fixing their hair but none of them can remember what a carburetor is.

Pleasure worth the pain

TG captions, Painful heelsPeter smiled to himself as he massaged his sore ankles and feet. Dressing as a girl full-time was a more fun than he had imagined it would be and wearing high-heels was worth the pain for the way it made his walk that much more sexy.

Trying his new heels
TG captions, Trying his new heelsAlone in his room Kevin carefully prepared himself to enjoy his latest purchase. He was fully feminized in a long wig and sexy little black dress. From his bag he took out the box from Stacey Shoes and opened it to reveal a pair of shiny red patent high-heeled shoes.
He slid his feet into the shoes and tried to walk across his room, swinging his hips the way a girl should. He hadn't taken more than three steps before he lost balance and came crashing down on his black lace pantied bottom.
He heard his mother rush to the foot of the stairs.
"Kevin, are you okay son?" she asked not realizing she was now talking to a would-be daughter.
"I'm okay Mom," Kevin shouted back and thanked his luck stars he hadn't broken an ankle. He dreaded to think what it would have been luck to arrive at casualty dressed the way he was now.

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On Fixing the Mechanics:

All males perform better when you repair their chassis and rebuild their TRANS-mission properly!