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Friday, April 10, 2009

Crossdressing bunny girl

Greg was determined to make to the girls' Easter Slumber Party
Crossdressing bunnygirlGreg was desperate to take part in the Great Easter Weekend Slumber Party but his friends insisted that it was strictly a 'girls only' event. When the girls teased Greg about only allowing him entry if he came as the Easter bunny they had no idea how willing he was to take up the challenge.
For weeks now the a large group of Greg's girlfriends had been planning an Easter Weekend Slumber Party at Olivia's place. The subject first came up as Greg, Katie and Hannah sat having coffee one afternoon. Katie and Hannah were two of Greg's closest female friends and the often hung out together Katie invited Hannah explained that it was going to be a big girl's get together all weekend long.
"It was Olivia's idea and she told me to ask you to come along," Katie said to Hannah. "Her parents are away so she has the place to herself. This is strictly personal invite only so find out if Mia and Holly can come too".
As Greg listened his heart skipped a beat as he thought about a whole weekend in Olivia's large house with a group of beautiful girls.
"That sound fun, can I come?" Greg asked.
"You'd just love to hang out with all those sexy chicks, wouldn't you?" Katie laughed. "But I'm afraid it's chicks only. Too much prancing around in underwear and having girly chats for a boy to handle."
"That's not fair, I always invite you to come along when the boys watch a game," Greg replied.
"The only way you can come to the party is if you are Easter Bunny," Katie said.
"That could be worth it," Greg joked and the girls both chuckled at the thought.
"If you turn up as a sexy Easter bunny I'll make sure you get in," Katie said.
"And I'm a witness to the promise," Hannah added. "Of course, that is if you dare."
They said no more about it but Greg couldn't get the idea out of his mind. Later that week when he saw Katie again he casually asked her about how the plans were going.
"Things are going fine and Olivia has agreed that you can come as an Easter bunny but you have to shave your legs as well," she said.
Greg was surprised that they had even been discussing the idea and he must have blushed because Katie immediately began to tease him.
"Don't look so surprised. When Hannah and I mentioned you coming as a bunny to Mia and Holly they thought it was hilarious so we had to tell Olivia."
From then on it became a running joke among the girls that Greg was going to be their Easter bunny and Greg for his part played along with the idea even if it made him blush when ever the subject came up. What the girls didn't know was that he had every intention of turning up as an Easter bunny. He had been crossdressing ever for years and he yearned for a chance to be one of the girls. Every time he heard about another slumber party or sleepover that he had missed he ached at how wonderful it would be to take part. Now it seemed he had a chance, but could he really bring himself to go through with it. Until then he was very much in the closet. On the other hand, if he was going to reveal his feminine side to his friends, what better way could there be?
On Friday afternoon he was still in two minds about whether or not to go so he called Katie just to wish her a happy Easter.
"Thanks Greg," she said. "And don't forget we'll be waiting for our cute little bunny."
"Okay, I'll see you later," Greg said matter-of-factly.
Katie laughed out loud.
"You wouldn't dare, you haven't got the guys for it," she said. "Nice try, but us girls will just have to manage alone."
And then she said her goodbyes and hung up. But Greg's mind was made up.
He spent the next three hours putting to practice every trick he had learned in his crossdressing experience. He carefully shave and waxed until his body was as smooth and soft as a girl's. He lightly plucked his eyebrows to give them a more feminine arch and then applied make-up and lipstick. The he glued a pair of false silicone breasts to his chest and finally he slipped on his bunny outfit. He had ordered it online and the outfit consisted of a pink frilly chemise with a matching pink thing, and a pair of bright pink bunny ears. The thong even had a little white fluffy bunny tail at the back. W
He put on his long blonde haired wig, slipped the ears on over the top and put on a pair of pink high-heeled open toed shoes. He checked himself in the mirror and had to admire the gorgeous blonde bunny staring back at him.
He put on a long overcoat and headed out to his car. The journey to Olivia's house seemed to take for ever even though it was only a ten minute drive. He parked in the street outside and after checking there was no one around quickly trotted up to the door, his heels clicking with every step. As he approached the front door he could hear the girls inside. The party seemed to be in full swing and the girls were chatting excitedly with the occasional squeal of laughter. He stopped at the front door, took a deep breath pulled off his coat, and rang the bell. The chatter on the inside stopped immediately and after a certain amount of whispers, moving around, and other activity he heard footsteps coming to the door. A moment later it opened and there stood Olivia wearing a grey tank-top and black lycra hot-pants.
Admiring the tushy on the bunnygirlFor a moment she just stared wide-eyed at him and then she backed into the house with a shriek of laughter.
"What's going on?" came the shouts from the front room and a moment later Mia put her head out of the door. She too stared for a moment and then burst out laughing.
"Greg has sent us an Easter bunny!" she called out.
"You had better come in Sweetie," Olivia said inviting him in. "What's your name?"
It was only then that Greg realized that she didn't recognize him. He had always been able pass well on the occasions when he slipped out at night to walk around en femme but he hadn't expected this.
"I'm Georgina," he said in his best feminine voice.
"Hi Georgina, come and join our party," Olivia said and turned to lead him into the room.
Greg's mind was racing so fast he couldn't think of anything and before he knew it had walked into the room at which point his thoughts came to crashing stop.
There must have been at least 12 girls in the room all in various status of undress. He recognized Hannah who was wearing cheerleader shorts and a t-shirt and of course Katie who seemed to be wearing nothing but a long shirt that only just covered the top of her legs. Mia was wearing a t-shirt that revealed a pair of blue flowery boyshort panties underneath. He also recognized Francesca who was sitting in tight black miniskirt and short sleeveless top. The rest of the girls were similarly dressed and there were various items of clothing on the floor. Greg realized he must have arrived just as the were about to start the 'slumber' party proper.
"This is Georgina, our bunny girl for the night," Olivia announced and the girls all called out their greetings in response.
"Well give the girl a drink!" shouted a blonde girl on the couch who was wearing skin-tight capris and a tank top. Another girl sitting on an armchair got up and headed to the well-stocked bar and as she did so Greg couldn't take his eyes off her bright red thong that was all she was wearing under below a t-shirt that ended above her navel.
And then the inevitable happened.
"Oh my God!" shrieked Mia. "It's Greg!"
Greg saw a dozen stunned faces look at him and then the girls exploded with screams, laughter, and whistles.
"Hi girls," Greg said and gave a small curtsey, lifting the hem of his chemise as though it were a skirt.
For the next ten minutes he was subjected to an intense scrutiny as a the girls gather round him in a crowd to examine his feminized body and costume.
"I hate your for you legs," said a black-haired girl he later learned was called Abbie.
"Show us your tail," said another girl and the rest of the girls joined in the chant. Greg was only too willing to oblige and he turned around to show the girls his tail, giving a quick wiggle of his rear as he did. This brought a cheer of approval from the girls.
"I love your tail," said the girl in the red thong and she came over and ran her hand over his smooth bottom. "I love your little tush too."
With the initial excitement over the girls wanted to know how he came to be so good at dressing as a woman. Although they kept calling he 'bunnyboy' they all agreed he was the sexiest Easter bunny they had ever seen. Greg told them the whole story of his crossdressing and transgender tendancies, how he had craved to wear girls' clothes, of his feminine feelings, of his stash of panties and clothes at home, and his occasional trips out. The girls immediately agreed that from now on he would be a 'Georgina the Bunnygirl'. By the time he had finished it was quite late but the girls insisted that he stay with them for the weekend as they raided Olivia's clothes cupboard, watched movies and did all the things girls do at a slumber party. As he snuggled up on the couch Katie came over and gave him a hug and then kissed his cheek.
"I always knew you secretly wanted to be a girl," she said. Hannah, Mia, and Olivia agreed with her.
"We just wished you would come out and say so we could make the most of it," Hannah said. "We're glad you came."
As Greg looked around at the smiling faces he finally felt that he was one of the girls.

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