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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A crossdressed runs out of time

Robby enjoys Sandra's clothes once too often
Caught crossdressing in her skirtAs he pulled open Sandra's top drawer Robby felt the first thrills running through his body. He had been secretly wearing his girlfriend's undies when she wasn't around for several months and now he had some time alone in the apartment he was in for some fun.

He had for sometime been shaving his whole body, explaining to Sandra that he liked the way it felt and she didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, it just made him feel that much sexier when he slipped on a pair of her panties.
With his secret wig on his head and a pair of glue on breast-forms that looked just like the real thing he was ready to feminize himself. He began with Sandra's red satin thong. Every time she wore it he ached to put it on himself and as he pulled it up his legs and he felt a delicious wave of girly goodness pass through him. He added her red lacy bra and admired himself in the mirror. Perfect.
What he was really looking for was the new turquoise matching bra and panty that Sandra had bought. He found the set and pulled on the panties that had a delicate lace trim. He loved the way the soft material held his manhood and he smoothed himself down to achieve a more feminine look. Next he pulled on the bra and expertly fastened it behind is back.
He want to the closet and found a gray skirt that Sandra had worn to a party recently. It was a flared mid-above the knee skirt that she wore with red pantyhose. As he pulled on the skirt he heard the front door slam.
"Hi Honey, I'm home," called out Sandra's voice.
For a moment Robby froze with fear.
"Oh, er, hi, I'm coming," he fumbled but even as he tried to take off the skirt he could hear Sandra's footsteps as she reached the bedroom door.
"No, don't come in," Robby cried out.
"Don't be silly, these heels are killing me. What are you doing in there?" came the reply as Sandra's hand turned the door handle...


Anonymous said...

Who hasn't been worried and maybe a little bit hopeful too about this happening?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a follow up to this....