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Monday, April 06, 2009

Enjoying his transformation

When Bradley's sister switched their bodies he decided to make the most of it
Enjoying his transformationAs the bath water began to foam up and the wonderful smell of jasmine filled the room there was a loud drumming on the door. It was Janet wanting take a shower. Bradley smiled to himself. Last month Janet had used a magic medallion to switch their bodies after Bradley made yet another comment about her not being feminine enough. Although she had promised to switch them back the next day Janet had not been able to find the medallion and now they were stuck in each other's bodies. Not that Bradley was complaining.
It all started when Janet had been preparing to go out again in her drab shirt and baggy jeans and Bradley told her she just wasn't making enough of an effort to be a girl.
"We'll see how much you know about being a girl," Janet said with a determined look on her face and left.
The following morning when Bradley woke up he knew immediately something was wrong. His body felt soft all over and his room didn't look right. A few moment later he realized he was in his sister's room sleeping in her bed. As he sat up he got a further shock. He wasn't just in his sister's bed, he was in her body. Rushing into his room he found his sister lounging on his bed in his body.
"What have you done?" he demanded.
"You seemed to know all about being a girl so I used this medallion to switch our bodies," she replied holding up an old silver medallion on a leather chord. "You can try being a girl for the day."
Bradley was furious but there was nothing he could do in the mean time. Instead he headed back to his sister's room and began looking for something to wear. As he sifted through the plain white panties, the cotton bras and the shirts in her closet he began to get some ideas. This could be more fun than he had at first thought.
The next day Janet announced that she couldn't find the medallion.
"Well find it quick," hissed Bradley over the breakfast table.
But the medallion was nowhere to be found.
Over the next few weeks everyone noticed a dramatic change in the way 'Janet', now Bradley, dressed, Instead of her former unisex style she began wearing low-cut tight jeans, fitted tops that showed off her chest and heels. She added miniskirts to her style to make the most of her legs.
"What are you doing with my body?" Janet demanded of him.
"Just what a girl should be doing," Bradely answered. "Having fun."
Now as Bradley filled the bathtub he thought about how much fun he had been having over the past few weeks. Janet's top drawer now had panties in every pastel color, some plain, some patterned like the bright pink boyshorts he was wearing now. She had satin bras and sheer black pantyhose to make the most of the many high-heeled shoes she now possessed. All of her pants were tight-fighting, he had thrown out her baggy jeans, and when she wasn't in jeans she often just wore leggings instead. Best of all, he now hung out with all his sister's friends and they often went of shopping trips together.
As Bradley lay back in the tub the hot scented water rose up around his chest. He looked down and admired the generous curves and swellings of his body, and ran his hands over his smooth arms, made smoother still by the soapy water.
"Yes," he thought to himself, "I quite like this arrangement."
But the best part of all was knowing that carefully hidden in the pocket of a coat in the closet lay the medallion that he had taken from his sister's bag when she wasn't looking. He had intended to keep the medallion for only a couple of days but now he was thinking about just throwing it away...