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Monday, April 06, 2009

Crossdressing temp

Kim gave Frank little choice; it was a either a skirt or the street
Crossdressing tempKim was fed up of her lazy boyfriend Frank sitting around her apartment all day watching TV since he lost his job. He tried applying for various positions but there didn't seem to be too many offers for merchant bankers these days. She decided to look herself and eventually found an opening for a temping position as receptionist. However, when she called for details the office manager made it clear that they were only looking for female applicants.
"Well, I'm not having you sitting around here anymore," Kim said. "You'll just have to dress as a woman."
"You've got to be kidding," Frank said. "Never in a million years am I crossdressing."
"In that case, you can move out," Kim said. She had said it often in the past, but this time Frank knew she meant it. With an empty bank account and nowhere else do go, he had no choice.
The next day Kim took the morning off from work to help Frank prepare for his interview and first day at work. She carefully applied his make-up and adjusted a blonde wig on his head until it looked completely natural. Having waxed his legs and body the night before she decided a smart suit with a short skirt was just the thing.
Frank nearly backed out when he saw just how short the skirt was but by the time had had rolled sheer black pantyhose on his legs and checked himself in the mirror even he had to admit the effect was quite amazing.
"Well well well, aren't you a little hottie," Kim teased as she admired her handywork. "Stop pouting, you are supposed to be a saleswoman so start smiling. Off you go then Francis, have a good day at work..."

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Marie-Christine said...

It would be nice to have a good day at work as a girl like him.