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Friday, April 03, 2009

Easter cocktail bunny

For Michelle, working in a bar had been fun until Easter weekend came alongTransgendered cocktail bunny
Following his successful transition Mitchell had been looking for work to pay the bills. Now, in his new life as Michelle had finally took a job as a cocktail waitress in a nightclub. Michelle enjoyed the work and made the most out of flirting with the clientele. Then Easter weekend came along and her boss decided that it would be fun to have a 'themed weekend'.
When Michelle saw the costume she was to wear she nearly walked out. Until then she had been able to choose her own style for each evening just as long as it 'kept the customers happy'. And happy they certainly were as she always wore short tight cocktail dresses, halter tops with leggings, or tight pants. The cocktail bunny costume her boss held up for her was pushing things a little too far.
However, her boss wouldn't compromise; either she wore it or she could leave.
With no other choice, she slipped into the ladies toilet and changed into the bright red bunny costume that was a thonged body suit with matching elbow-length gloves and ears.
When she came back out into the bar the effect was electric. Every pair of eyes was on her and stayed that way for the rest of evening. That night the bar was full to capacity and she couldn't take two steps without one guy or another trying to chat her up. After a while she began to enjoy herself and the cheers she got every time she moved through the crowds although she didn't quite enjoy the groping hands that found their way onto her bottom every time she was in range. Transgendered cocktail bunny has a hard timeAs the drinks flowed the customers became more boisterous and not a moment passed when there wasn't a hand on some part of her body. By the end of the evening she decided to spend as much time as possible sitting down and keeping her poor rear end safe. Until another group of guys signaled they wanted to place an order and then she would have to run the gauntlet again...

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jimbo said...

love that outfit- really sexy :)