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Friday, March 27, 2009

The girls help Bobby with his nails

Bobby's friends help him towards womanhood
Transgendered learning to paint his nailsOnce Bobby had proved that he was serious about living his life as woman and began taking hormones the girls accepted him into their feminine circle.
It was Tara's idea to have a girly afternoon together with Sheryl. Tara was Bobby's closet friend and the first person he had told about his desire to be a woman. He told of his years crossdressing and his yearning to truly become a woman. Tara had had been very supportive and coaxed Bobby into sharing his secret with her best friend Sheryl. Since then the girls had been helping Bobby feminize his life, teaching him how to maintain a his body as a girl should. With the addition of hormones he was well on the way to achieving a girl's body and his chest was already quite sizable. Tara invited both girls over to spend the afternoon pampering themselves. All three girls were more or less the same size and they spend the time trying on Tara's clothes and offering Bobby, or Bobbi as he was to them, advice on what style she should choose. Sheryl joked about how large Bobbi's chest was, even bigger than hers.
"I wouldn't mind a figure like yours," she said, eyeing up his curves. "No one would guess you are transgendered now."
For Bobbi, this was praise indeed.
Then they all curled up on the bed to paint each other's toe nails, helping Bobbi choose the color that looked best for her skin tone.

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if only i had friends like that