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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Backgammoned into lingerie

Mark thought he had made an easy bet against the girls
Backgammoned into crossdressing in lingerieThe bet had seemed like a sure winner. Mark would play Tiffany in a five-game backgammon contest and the loser had to wear whatever the winner chose. Since Mark had been an avid player of backgammon and his high-school champion two years running he was pretty sure he could beat anyone and often boasted that he was the 'King of Backgammon'. In fact, he hadn't lost a backgammon contest in nearly three years and Tiffany was a just the kind of girl he would like to see in cute lingerie.
When he arrived at Tiffany's apartment he found another girl Vanessa there as well. Tiffany explained that Vanessa was a friend who worked in a toy shop in town and that she would be watching the game and rooting for Tiffany.
"If you want to watch then you have to accept the same terms as the players," Mark insisted in the hope of doubling his potential prize. To his delight, Vanessa agreed, and he could already imagine the sight of both gorgeous girls in their undies specially chosen by him.
Tiffany had laid out a backgammon set at the table and they sat down to play. Half an hour later Mark watched in horror as Tiffany again gammoned him and took the third game in a row thereby easily winning the tournament. Right from the start Tiffany hadthe most incredible luck.
One look at the smirks on the girls' faces and he knew they intended to take the bet seriously.
"Well, I suppose you will need some time to think about what you want me to wear," he said hoping to buy some time and perhaps find a way out of dilemma.
"That's okay, I have your outfit right here," Tiffany said and Mark cringed as she pulled out a sexy red lace panty and bright red halter-camisole for him to wear.
"You can't be serious," he gasped.
"Why not, don't tell me you weren't thinking of making me wear the same kind of thing," Tiffany said.
Mark knew he had no choice but rather then just letting him put on the lingerie the girls insisted he first shave his body to ensure he looked the part.
"You can't crossdress in sexy lingerie and be hairy," Vanessa said and Mark wished he hadn't included her in the bet.
The girls ordered him to strip and then carefully shaved his body. Then they instructed him to pull on the panties and camisole. By the time he had the camisole in place both girls could barely talk they were laughing so hard and then as Mark checked his reflection in the mirror Vanessa snapped some pictures with her camera.
"Those panties really suit you," she giggled.
"Oh, by the way," Tiffany said as Vanessa took another picture of Mark. "Those dice were joke dice Vanessa brought from the shop. If you throw them in just the right way they always come up double six..."

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Anonymous said...

Wish it was me - would love to loose and be forced to dress up :-)