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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Joining the local coven

When Matthew spied on his local coven he learned more than he wanted
Transgendered by the local witchesMatthew's curiosity about his local coven eventually got the better of him. He knew that they had a big ceremony coming up that afternoon so he sneaked along to the coven house, an old building standing in it's own grounds and surrounded by a wall. From behind a bush he watched as all the witches arrived and then when he felt it was safe he sneaked in through the gate...
Inside the courtyard there was a beautiful fountain of stone and beyond that the wooden door to the main building. Matthew listened at the door but could hear nothing inside so he pushed it open. The door creaked as it swung on its hinges but there was nobody in the stone-floored lobby. Beyond the lobby there was another door slightly ajar leading to a room inside.
"That has to be the main hall," he thought to himself as he tiptoed over. He listened carefully but could hear no sound from inside so he gently pushed the door open and looked inside.
To his surprise he saw twenty or so girls kneeling in a circle and all looking directly at him. The girls all wore flowing clothes of soft crepe or net lace in black and he could just make out the curves of their figures beneath the fabrics.
Matthew walked into the room and decided to play things coolly.
"Hi girls, can I join the party?" he said as he swaggered towards them.
"Of course you can," said a beautiful red-headed girl with green eyes who seemed to be in charge. "We heard you come in the door."
Then before Matthew could say another word the red-head pointed at him and whispered something to herself. There was a strange moment in which the room seemed to wobble and he felt a wrenching sensation and then it past.
"Was that supposed to be a spell," Matthew said but the words faltered because he voice sounded completely different. It was high and soft and very feminine. He looked down at himself and found that his clothes had been replaced by very transparent lace chemise and pant set in black lace beneath which was a very curvaceous body.
"What have you done to me?" he said.
"You asked to join us, and now you have," the red-head said patiently and the other girls all giggled.
"Change me back!" he demanded and the girls all laughed even more.
Matthew ran for the door with the girls' sniggers filling his ears. Maybe if he got out of the building his body would return to normal. He ran across the courtyard, reached the gate and ran out, forgetting that he was now dressed far to sexy to be in public...

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Where is this coven? I want to sneak in too!!!!!!!