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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dancing for the girls

Warren had his dance routine all worked out, but the girls had other plans
Warren was thrilled when Sandra propositioned him to be the exotic dancer at her Girl's Only Party.
"I discussed it with the other girls and they all agreed that it would be fun to have you come along dance for us," Sandra explained.
Warren was only too keen. Sandra was one of the hottest girls he had ever met and her friends were all gorgeous too. He never missed a chance to try and hit on them but so far his advances had all been rejected. Now it seemed he had a chance to make a real impression.
"What should I wear, fireman, policeman, lumberjack?" he asked in his most manly voice. "What would you ladies like to see?"
"Oh, you just choose whatever you want, I am sure things will be just fine," Sandra replied with a little laugh. "Just make sure you are nice a smooth. We girls just love a shaved man."
On the nigh of the party Warren decided on a plain suit with his best thong underwear. After all, he told himself, girls like guys in suits and it will give me props to go through before I get down to my undies. It had taken him the best part of two hours to shave his body, but he figured it was worth it.
When he arrived at Sandra's apartment the girls were all there and by the look of things had been passing around plenty of drinks. As he rang the bell he heard a raucous female cheer from inside and when Sandra arrived to let him her face was flushed with excitement.
"In you come, we've been waiting for you," she said dragging him in by his arm.
Inside the apartment he was greeted by a room full of young women who all went quiet as soon as he entered and just looked at him with barely suppressed laughter. The girls were all wearing their best party clothes and that meant short and tight. He took a moment to admire the display of long legs and cleavage in front of him and then prepared to begin his show.
"Right," he said, "are you ready" His nerve was beginning to go but he was determined to see things through.
"Wait, a minute," Sandra said, "you should join us in a drink first, shouldn't he girls?"
The girls all nodded and gave their approval as Sandra came over with a tall glass that contained some green murky liquid. When Warren baulked at the site of it she nearly poured it down his throat.
"Come on, drink!" she commanded. "It's our special party drink."
"All part of the fun," Warren thought to himself as he downed the drink in one long swig."
As he drained the glass the girls burst into laughter and applause only to be hushed by Sandra. Then they all looked at him expectantly but by now Warren couldn't remember exactly what it was he was supposed to be doing. He was aware of Sandra and her friend Betsy helping him to an armchair but he really didn't have any strength to dance or even speak.
"Now then," Betsy said, "you just pay attention to me, and you will feel much better."
Warren was having a lot of trouble paying attention to anything except the tight purple top Betsy was wearing and her denim miniskirt.
For the next 15 minutes Betsy talked, almost singing to Warren and as he listened he slipped further and further under her hypnotic control. Finally Betsy decided he was ready.
"When I snap my fingers you will wake. You will be fully aware of where you are but you will be convinced that you are here to dance for us a little sexy genie. Go into Sandra's room and put on the costume you will find there. You are also to attach the false breasts you will find to your chest. Then you will come back and dance for us."
"Yes," Warren said, in a dreamy voice.
"After all," she said with a cheeky grin, "this is a 'Girl's Only' party so you shall just have to crossdress for us."
And with that she snapped her fingers.
Warren looked around at the expectant faces staring at him. That cocktail must have been quite something he thought, but the show must go on.
"Right," he heard himself saying, "I'll just go and get changed."
He got up and went into Sandra's bedroom where he found a cute orange genie outfit complete with black thong panties and a matching bra. He tried to remember why this wasn't what he had planned but against his will his hands stripped off his clothes and began gluing the latex breasts to his chest. He pulled on the genie outfit and headed back to the girls.
"All right, here I come" he called out and felt a moment of panic as he sashayed into the room amidst and thunderous cheer and laughter from the girls.
"What the hell am I doing?" he asked himself as the cameras flashed in his face. "Why am I dressed as genie for these girls?"
But the music was playing and all he wanted to do was swing his hips to the beat. The girls were screaming their encouragement and the more sexy the moves they asked for the more he felt the need to do just as they say...

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