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Monday, March 23, 2009

A girl returns her boyfriend's lingerie gift

Cindy decides that lingerie is for sharing
Tricked into crossdressing in lingerieWhen Steve bought his girlfriend Cindy a babydoll she said she would only wear it if he wore something similar. At first Steve thought she was kidding but the next day she presented him with a bright pink frilly item that was even more girly than the one he had given her.
Cindy made it clear that she wasn't going to back down and that Steve would have to look the part. She sent him off to shower and then helped him shave his entire body.
"Lingerie doesn't go together with body hair," she explained.
With his body smooth and tingling Steve pulled on the babydoll but Cindy insisted that he match it with a pair of her pink panties too.
The she pulled on her own blue silk piece and after fitting Steve with a long-haired wig she had the pair of them spent several minutes in front of the mirror admiring the result.
"You make quite a sexy little lady," teased Cindy, and Steve blushed but was at a loss for words because he did look quite sexy and very feminine.
The next day Cindy presented Steve with a picture of the two of them in their sexy lingerie that she had taken with a webcam hidden on the bookshelf.
"Now that I know how good you look in sexy undies I think I'll keep you in them all the time," she said. "Unless of course you want me to show these pictures to all my friends..."

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