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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caught wearing panties in public

Caught wearing panties in public
Brian love exposing his panties
Brian set on the wall enjoying his lunch. He usually passed as quite easily as woman even during the day and would regularly go out en femme to enjoy the pleasures of being a girl. Sometimes, just a simple top and jeans was enough to give him the thrill he needed. Today three girls had just read him. They didn't say anything but he could tell by the way they were staring at him that they were debating if he was the real thing or not. Then they passed behind him and he heard them giggling to themselves.
"Oh my," exclaimed one of them. "He's even wearing a thong!"
Brian smiled and casually leaned forward exposing as much of his underwear to the girls as he could.
You betcha, he though to himself, I'm wearing panties and loving every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

What a sexy story...wish I was that brave

Anonymous said...

OMG I have done this many times and finally a group of teen girls commented! They teased me and laughed!