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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feminized against his will

The girls used hypnosis to feminized Adrian
The girls used a powerful feminizing hypnosis on Adrian
Adrian tugged desperately at the long blonde hair that flowed from his head. To his dismay it stayed just where it was and seemed to be glued to his head. From the other room he could hear the girls laughing excitedly over something.
He knew what was going on. Debbie and her friends were force feminizing him just like they said they would. He had no idea how they had managed to get so far already. He was wearing white thigh-high stockings and lacy white panties. He could feel that his legs were smooth and taste the lipstick on his lips. His eyes were heavy with makeup. Adrian tugged again at the hair. He had to get out of here before they came back and did even more to him. It never occurred to him to try and run and he wondered why that was as he fought with the hair. He was still standing there when the door opened and Debbie came back in with Mary, Kay, and Pamela. They beamed at him as he pulled at the hair.

"Having some trouble Adrian?" Debbie asked sweetly.
"What have you done? Why won't this come off," Adrian demanded.
"Silly boy," Debbie told him. "You are hypnotized. There is nothing holding that wig on except the power of your own mind."
"Let me go!" Adrian shouted in panic as he noticed the very short skirt that Mary was holding and that was clearly intended for him.
"But we haven't finished with you," Pamela told him. "We still want to take you out shopping and you can't go out without a skirt on."
The girls all laughed at this and drew closer to Adrian.
"Leave me alone," he said in panic. "I don't want to be made into a girl."
"Listen only to my voice," Kay said looking him in the eye. "Are you sure you don't want to be a girl? Haven't you always been a girl?"
There was something very persuasive about Kay's voice. Adrian blinked a few times as he tried to remember whether or not he was a boy or a girl. It's the hypnosis, he told himself but then Kay spoke again.
"After all, you are wearing panties and make-up so you must be a girl," she said soothingly.
Adrian looked down at the panties he was wearing. It made so much sense. Why else would he be wearing panties and have long hair unless he was a girl? Yes, he must be a girl just like Kay said. His arms relaxed and fell to his sides and he stared blankly at the girls as they approached. He tried to say something but the effort was too much as his mind sank into a feminine bliss from which it would only resurface if and when, the girls allowed it too.


Mindi said...

I love your blog! Thank you for these posts. I especially like all of the hypnosis-themed stories and pics.

Anonymous said...

i wish that happened to me XD

Anonymous said...

Me next