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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The girls discover Patrick's little secret

Panties wedgie
Sharon gave Patrick a wedgie to expose his panties
Patrick was always willing to help out the girls in the apartment next door. He loved being around women because he just loved feeling feminine. When Sharon asked him if he could come over and help unblock the sink he was only too happy to oblige. After all, he was wearing a very cute pair of panties and he enjoyed the thrill of wearing something so girly without the girls knowing. He was bending over the sink when he suddenly felt Sharon grab his exposed panties and yank them to give him the wedgie of a lifetime.
"Whoo hoo! Check out the panties on Pat," she shrieked as she yanked the soft cotton material up from behind.
Her roommates Emma and Jody were there in a flash and too fast for Patrick to recover...


Anonymous said...

well now that's a cute way to be known, I'd love to try it!!

Anonymous said...

You just got pantied!" Heather K.