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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Humiliating punishment

The boys were kept busy with the cleaning
When the girls found out that Mark and Danny had tried to install a webcam in their dorm room they felt that only a suitably humiliating punishment would do. They invited the two offenders over and then pounced on them. Mark and Danny were quickly overpowered and then force feminized at the hands of over a dozen shrieking girls. They dressed them in sexy frilly lingerie and heels the girls then made them clean the entire dorm building taking photos all the time. At first the idea was just to make sure the boys wouldn't try taking any spy pictures of them in the future but the two feminized cleaners did such a good job the girls ordered them to come back. Every week they were forced to complete their cleaning duties, and always wearing their special 'cleaning uniforms'.


Anonymous said...

So sexy

Betty said...

That doesn't seem like a deterrent. In fact if I knew that was the policy i might well want to get on their bad side giggles