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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Spellbound as a girl

He can't keep his mind from being a girl
TG Captions spellbound as a girl
Darren wasn't happy about being turned into a girl
Darren desperately searched the shelves in his sister's room. She had just turned him into a girl and then left him alone dressed in sexy orange hot pants and a matching top. He was furious but she ran out before he could get her to reverse the spell. Now he was desperate to find a spell book to turn himself back.
There were hundreds of books on the shelves and he barely knew where to begin. The more he searched the more he found himself drawn to some books more than others. There was a book about how to dress right for a party, and another about hair care that caught his eye. The spell was beginning to work on his mind and not just his body. He tried to stay focus but couldn't help opening a book about make-up. With all his concentration Darren managed to close the book and put it back on the shelf but he was soon reaching for a book about shoes...

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Anonymous said...

my name is darren and i wished that was me