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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Feminizing prank

Sorority girls have some fun with a feminizing prank
Titillating TG Captions, forced feminization
Chuck hope the suitcase held some clothes
Chuck woke up as the sun shone on his face. He blinked his eyes for a few moments trying to take in his surroundings and then he set up with a jolt. He was lying on the floor in an abandoned house. His head was still fuzzy but he remembered enough of the night before to realize that the sorority girls must have slipped something into his drink to put him to sleep.
As he became more aware of himself he received his second shock. All of body hair was gone and he was wearing a black bra and pair of sexy black thong panties. A garter belt was tied around his waist and there was a wig stuck to his head. His feet were squeezed into a pair of high heels and he could feel lipstick on his mouth.
Chuck groaned to himself as he imagined what the girls must have done to him while he was asleep. He had been fully feminized and now he was dumped in the middle of nowhere with nothing to wear but some sexy lingerie. As he stood up he could feel the panties how exposed his bottom was in the panties and he shuddered to think of how the girls must have enjoyed putting them on him. Then he noticed a suitcase on the floor. Chuck's heart skipped. Perhaps the girls had stopped short of leaving him with nothing to wear and had left is clothes in the suitcase. He quickly opened the case and nearly cried when inside he found nothing except a pair of black stockings and a note that read "We thought you might need these...."


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT XD but I wanna know what Chuck did to get himself in that situation and what comes next :D

Jacquie Lil said...

Wonderfully creative set up - please show us the next scene or two from this?

Friedoline said...

Haha, how considerate to leave the stockings!

Steffie said...

The stockings look like they must have been a pair one of the girls had been wearing herself! How thoughtful.

And having seen this, I must go and put my own black garter belt on, those straps look gloriously sluttish.

The girls have taste, that strapless bra, the perfect panties ...

Chuck's pose is really beautiful too.

Dylan/Diane said...

can some one do that to me?

Anonymous said...

Good work, girls nice lingerie " Sissy Boy"! H.