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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lingerie confidence boost

TG Captions Lingerie confidence boost
Gavin put on his stockings
Gavin's hands were trembling as he reached for the silk thong panties and pulled them on. Outside in the living room he could hear the girls chatting among themselves and laughing at something. He found the matching corset and slid it onto his shaved smooth body. Then he opened his pantyhose drawer and pulled out a pair of black sheer stockings.
Gavin had been crossdressing for longer than he could remember. He had always envied girls for the clothes that they could wear but he had never had the courage to tell anyone. Over the past few months his feminine urges had grown ever stronger and now he lived full time at home as a girl. His bedroom was lined with feminine fashion from lacy lingerie, to pretty skirts and dresses, to high heels. But still no one knew his secret and he could bear it no longer. He wanted to be one of the girls and it was time to tell his four closest female friends. He had invited them over to watch a movie but his plan was to give them something else to do that evening.
It's time to take an important step towards femininity
In the living room sat Michelle, Sonia, Debbie, and Lori. There were his four closet female friends and he adored and admired each of them for the fashion sense. Michelle, who had a passion for leggings and tight tops, Sonia, who never left home in anything longer than a miniskirt, Debbie, who seemed to have a never ending supply of tight jeans and short tops. And Lori, who he knew spent half her wages on buying luxury lingerie. The girls represented everything he wanted to be and it was to them that he was going to bare his heart.
Gavin rolled one of the stockings up his leg and pulled it into place. He had often thought of how best to tell his friends that he felt like a girl but the only time he felt confident enough was when he was dressed as he felt he should be. He picked up the other stocking and fumbled with it as he tried to straighten it out. The next few minutes would decide his future. He rolled the stocking onto his leg and found a pair of high-heeled patent black shoes. He looked in the mirror and adjusted his hair that he always kept long, like a girl. It was now or never.
 He wants to look his best for the girls
Gavin took a deep breath and walked to the door drawing strength from the click of his heels on the floor.
He opened the door and a moment later the girls saw him. There was a collective gasp. It was Lori who spoke first.
"At last! We thought you'd never come out to us." she said with a smile. "You should have told us you wanted it to be a lingerie party and we would have dressed for the occasion..."


Friedoline said...

A lovely story! And so hot!

Steffie said...

So do girls really know all the time? I thnk they do.

And do they not mind? Well, that's still for individual circumstance, and the risk you take. But the knowledge and acceptance that some men like lingerie is more common now. Just not 30 years ago, eh?