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Saturday, April 30, 2011

His girlfriend takes care of his masculinity

She finds his TG Captions
TG Captions Girlfriend takes care of his masculinity
Beth made sure the panties looked good on Rob
Beth handed her boyfriend Rob a camisole top and a pair of white panties.
"Here try these on for size," she said.
"Are you sure about this Beth, it will really mean a lot to me," Rob said. When Beth had found his TG Captions bookmarks she had been quite shaken but once he confessed his fantasy of being dressing up as a girl she seemed to change her mind. She helped him wax his legs and then gave him some of her underwear to try on.
The camisole fit fine but the panties were a bit of a problem.
The skimpy little underwear didn't fit so well on Rob's male body.
"That's no problem, I'll take care of that," Beth said. With a few quick tucks and prods she made his manhood disappear between his legs leaving behind a smooth flat front to his panties just like a girl.
Now she just sees him as a girl
Rob was thrilled with the result and as he stood there enjoying the sensations of his feminized body Beth finally realized she was going to need a new boyfriend...


lickingumuch said...

Nice, wish my wife could be so understanding.

Anonymous said...

Que sera, sera.