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Thursday, May 26, 2011

George is caught wearing panties

TG Captions Caught wearing panties
George's panties were on show
George's passion for wearing his wife's panties had been their little secret for years until the day he was wearing the wrong panties, with the wrong pants, in the wrong place. His wife Shirley had some of her friends over for an afternoon of tea and cookies at their Ladies Tea Club. George offered to help out in the kitchen but when he bent over the blue bikini panties he was wearing put on an unexpected appearance. It was Ruth who noticed first.
"George dear, your have a dreadful panty-line showing", she said out loud. All the women immediately turned to look before George had a chance to straighten up.
After that they never stopped teasing him about how he should join the Ladies Tea Club but he just couldn't face the humiliation...

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