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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feminized librarian

TG captions feminized librarian
Alex worked as quick as he could
Alex was staying for the weekend with his Aunt and her two daughters, Janet and Anne, at their large country mansion. When his aunt caught him trying on his cousins' clothes while they were out he begged her not to tell his parents. She agreed on condition that he accept her punishment: to tidy up the library wearing nothing except a bra and panties. All afternoon long he had to climb up and down a ladder putting books on the shelves in the deserted library. Alex had never been so humiliated in his life but it was better than the alternative. He was terrified that at any minute one of his cousins might come back and find him. He was halfway up a ladder when the door to the library flew open and his cousins came in.

For a moment no one said anything as the two girls looked him up and down trying not to laugh. Then they went over to the armchairs and sat down to read some magazines. Alex thought he was going to collapse with shame but there was nothing to do except continue working. For the next hour Alex worked away at the books always conscious of the girls watching him over the top of their magazines. Occasionally they whispered something to each other and he could hear them sniggering behind the pages.
At last his aunt came into the library and looked around approvingly.
"Well, the library looks very tidy now. How would you girls like a snack?"
By the tone of her voice Alex could tell she was talking to all three of them. As Alex climbed down from the ladder the girls spoke up.
"Can you make him tidy our rooms too?" Janet asked.
"And will you make him do it in panties and bra?" Anne added.
"Well girls, I don't see why not...."


Sveta said...

A lovely story

Anonymous said...

This young man is so silly. I'd have loved to be able to walk around dressed like that. And maybe, his aunt or cousins can fix him up with a nice, trustworthy neighbor boy later. He wants to put on clothes, so they could put him in some really lovely dress and hose. Then the boy could take them off him. ;)