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Sunday, April 03, 2011

A party he won't forget

The party was too good to be true
His maid outfit is a big success
TG Captions, forced to be a maid
The hostess showed Dave to the party
Dave was delighted when he saw some posters up advertising a Girls Only party in which men would only be granted entry if they were dressed as a girl. He was a closet cross-dresser and would even go out sometimes en femme to walk around the college campus dressed as a girl. He had never dared go to a party as a girl but this party sounded like a perfect opportunity for an excuse to dress up.
He decided to wear his cute maid outfit and could hardly wait to show off his legs at the party.
When he arrived at the party he was greeted at the door by a beautiful blond girl in a sexy dress. She smiled as she saw his outfit and welcomed him. Dave could hear there were lots of people at the party and the blond girl sent him through to the main room.
As soon as he walked in he noticed there were no other men at the party and a whole crowd of girls were waiting for him.
"April Fool!" they all shouted out together.
Dave felt a sinking feeling in his heart.
The blond girl came up behind him and explained.
The girls loved his maid outfit
"There was a rumor going around that there was a cross-dresser on campus and we wanted to see if it was true," she said. "So we put up the posters to see who would turn up. And so far, it has only been you."
Dave decided he had better leave and quick. He turned around but just as he got to the door he heard his name being called.
"Dave! Don't leave in such a hurry, after all you look so cute."

Dave turned around to find the source of the voice and recognized Kathy, a girl from one of his classes. As he looked around the room he began to recognize more and more girls all of them grinning at him.
And then the cameras started flashing as they took pictures...


Charmane said...

I love it! Thanks!

Friedoline said...

What a hot and convincing story!

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Very nice! Thanks for posting this one!

whyguys said...

One can only hope that this cadre of Females decided to keep Dave in thrall via threatening to expose him throughout the campus. His sentence being forced maid duties to a weekly lottery winner from the Women present.

Suppose this also changes the meaning of B.M.O.C. for males from "Big Men On Campus" to a more appropriate term,
"Best MAIDS On Campus"...