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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Crossdressing shopping fun

A tranny has his first shopping experience
Female shop assistants are nothing to be afraid of
TG Captions, crossdressing shopping trip
Max looked great in the leggings
Max watched the shop across the street for five minutes to make sure it wasn't busy. He could see the young shop assistant sitting behind the counter talking on the phone and behind her the racks laden with women's clothes. He checked up and down the street again to make sure no one was around and then crossed the street. With his heart racing he pushed open the door.
It wasn't the first time Max had bought himself girls' clothes but in the past he had always made out that it was for a gift. Although he more or less knew his sizes he was fed up with going home and trying on a new dress only find out that it didn't fit just right. He wanted to be sure he had the right thing before he left the shop. After all, trying the clothes on was half the fun.

He had taken the morning off from work to catch the time of day when there would be the least other shoppers. This particular shop had caught his eye because the fashion they sold was just his style: tight, bright, and girly. Often he would walk past the shop after work and look with envy at the female shoppers inside, trying on clothes that he loved to wear. After weeks of psyching himself up he had plucked up enough courage to go in and ask to try something on.
As he pushed open the door the shop assistant looked up at him but continued her conversation. Max felt a sense of relief as he had still not decided exactly how to do this. He hurried on into the shop and began to peruse the rows and rows of pretty clothes. He passed a rack of short skirts and then paused by some tops. The tops were all skimpy, some of them so short they would barely cover his stomach. He picked a white top off the rack and enjoyed the sensation of the soft feminine fabric between his fingers. Not for the first time Max thought about how wonderful it would be to wear such soft clothes all the time.
Max headed on to the pants and jeans rack that were heavy with skinny jeans and leggings in every imaginable color. He pulled a pair of 'jeggings' from the rack and stretched the material to test it.
"Can I help you?" said the shop assistant by his elbow.
Max jumped in surprise and then quickly tried to recover his senses.
"That's okay, I'm just looking," he said without thinking and then immediately regretted it. He wished he had just told her he was looking for something for himself but as he looked into the face of the girl in front of him he just couldn't do it. She looked in her early twenties and seemed quite earnest.
"What are you looking for?" she asked.
Max fought his nerves.
"Oh, er something nice, maybe some tight pants or leggings," he managed.
"Hmm, well we have lots of leggings as you can see," the girl said. "What size does she wear?"
Max wanted to tell her that he was shopping for himself but just couldn't bring himself to do it. He was just too nervous so he gave her his size instead.
The shop assistant went over to the leggings and began pulling out one after the other for him to look at. Max still just couldn't relax but when she pulled out a pair of sparkly bright red leggings he stopped her.
"Those are nice," he said.
The shop assistant held up the leggings in front of him.
"Yes, they are quite sexy, I have the same ones in blue," she said. "Should I wrap them up as a gift?"
Max felt the moment slipping away.
"Er, no...." he said his voice trailing off.
For a few moments they just stood there looking at the leggings while Max wondered what to do next.
"Are they for you?" the girl asked coyly.
"Well why didn't you say so?" she exclaimed. "You had better try them on."
Max had never felt so relieved as he followed the girl to the back of the shop where she directed him to a changing room.
Max thanked her and stepped inside and quickly began to get changed. From outside the shop assistant asked him if he would like a top to go with it.
"I'm not sure," he said. "What do you recommend?"
"I think I know just the top for you."
She left him and went back to the rack of clothes. Max pulled on the leggings and couldn't help admiring himself in the mirror. They clung to his legs and hips like a second skin. A few moments later the shop assistant was back and handed him a top through the changing room curtain. Max blushed when he saw the tiny sparkly silver bandeau top that she had given him. It was the kind of thing only a real girly-girl would wear.
Max took off his shirt and put on the bandeau, and was glad that he had waxed his body the week before.
"Is it the right size?" the assistant asked.
By now Max had relaxed and was quite able to chat with the her about his clothes sizes,  how long he had been dressing for, and why he simply loved women's clothes.
"Well, let's have a look at you," the girl said from outside.
Max paused for a second as he realized it would be the first time that anyone had seen him dressed like this. He pulled back the curtain.
"Oh! Just look at you. That is so you, you look really sexy," exclaimed the shop assistant. "You have such a great body. I wish I had your hips and legs. Let's see it from behind."
Max obediently turned around while the young woman examined his butt in the skin-tight leggings.

"How do they feel?" she asked him. "Can you move easily in them for dancing?"
For the next few minutes he paraded up and down in front of the shop assistant turning this way and that to see himself from every angle.
"Perfect," she assured him.
Max needed no better approval. He bought the leggings and the top and didn't even bother to ask how much they cost...


Friedoline said...

I wish! So it should be in every shop! Lovely story...

Linda Marie Daniels said...

I want to know the address of that shop!

Charmane said...

I wish I were Max...